Synthetic hair is made from fine plastic filaments, which are smooth on the surface and, therefore, unable to accept permanent coloring products designed for use on human hair. A color rinse, such as Roux Fancifull, may be used to change the tone slightly on light colored synthetic wigs. Best results are obtained by pouring the color rinse into a small, plastic spray bottle with a fine mist and mist the wig evenly all over, being careful not to oversaturate as the rinse will drip and be wasted. Do not rinse. Let wig dry overnight. A second or third misting may be used if color has not reached the desired tone. Repeat instructions.

For better results, a liquid fabric dye, such as Rit or Tintex, may be used to darken the color on synthetic wigs. (There is no way to lighten synthetic fiber.) Dissolve 4 oz. dye in 1 gallon (128 oz.) warm water, and immerse wig. Let process until desired color is reached. Then follow instructions on care sheet for washing and conditioning.

After coloring on a synthetic, I recommend that you use our Fibre Oil Conditioner before styling. We have this product available in the Wet Products section on our site.