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There are two basic types of wig caps, MACHINE-MADE and HAND-TIED.

This is a typical MACHINE-MADE wig cap. Machine-made wigs are crafted on a special sewing machine, and are made of hair WEFTS attached to a pre-constructed base. They are also referred to as "capless" because there is no mesh foundation to attach the hair to. Machine-made caps are the most durable.

This is a WEFT of hair. The hair is doubled over and MACHINE-SEWN along the top to create a long strand of hair. This is also the type of hair strand used for hair extensions and weaving. HAND-TIED WEFTS are also available for hair extensions, but not generally used for making wigs.

This is a typical HAND-TIED wig cap. Hand-tied wigs have caps which are constructed of some type of mesh, usually monofilament or polyester, with individual strands of hair knotted by hand into the mesh.


Some manufacturers will offer wigs which have combinations of these different wig constructions. JACQUELYN wigs all have wefted or machine-made backs, but some of their pre-made pieces have HAND-TIED tops, MONOFILAMENT (MICRO-LACE) tops, or FRENCH tops.

MONOFILAMENT-TOP, also known as a MICRO-LACE top. The top section is made of fine, transparent nylon mesh with strands of hair individually hand-tied into it. May be parted anywhere on the top. Very suitable for persons with extensive hairloss, as color of scalp may show through. More expensive because of the extra time and expertise required for hand-knotting each hair. It takes about 25 to 28 hours to completely cover the Monofilament mesh top area with hair. Many manufacturers use 3-4 strands per needle to save on labor, but the results is not as natural looking as the one-hair method that is used by better manufacturers like Jacquelyn and Wig Pro.

FRENCH-TOP CAP made by Jacquelyn. Hair is hand-tied into fine nylon Monofilament mesh, and then a layer of flesh-colored silk material is added underneath, creating the appearance of a scalp with hair growing out of it. This is a wonderful feature as it solves the problem often encountered by the difference in complexion colors with skin tops. Silk material may be colored with strong tea to match darker scalp colors. Suitable for all types of hairloss. About the same price as MONOFILAMENT or MICRO-LACE tops.

Some manufacturers offer other materials or combinations of materials in their caps. These wigs are all fully hand-tied all over and offer a very natural appearance because the movement of the hair is similar to the movement of growing hair. Some have full MONOFILAMENT caps, but most of these wigs are some combination of POLYESTER or COTTON netting and MONOFILAMENT mesh.

This is an example of monofilament material with the hair partially hand-knotted into it. As you can see, the color of whatever is underneath will show through creating the most natural appearance possible.

This is a full MONOFILAMENT CAP wig. This model has a POLYURETHANE tape tab along the front and at the nape. It also has POLYESTER NET darts with covered elastic straps behind the ear tabs for flexible adjustment.
This particular unit is available in both average and petite sizes.

This cap is a combination of POLYESTER net in the back with a MONOFILAMENT top. Multi-directional hand-knotting of each individual hair into the mesh allows a natural flow to the hair and versatility to the style. This model also has a POLYURETHANE tape tab along the front.


HAND-TIED or HAND-MADE TOP--Hair is knotted by hand into a single or double thickness of nylon or polyester mesh, not as fine as the mono mesh, letting the wearer part the hair in any direction, but the base of the wig may show. Part may be created, but must have some lifting, texturizing or backcombing at the base to give the illusion of a part. A good, less-expensive choice if versatility in movement is desired.

MACHINE MADE TOP-- On a MACHINE-MADE top, WEFTS of hair are sewn closely together, sometimes in the direction intended for the style, sometimes in the parted area so that hair must be combed in that direction only. Not as versatile as hand-made top. Most widely available construction and most economical wigs.

These are all examples cap styles available in PRE-MADE wigs. CUSTOM-MADE wigs may be constructed with any combination of materials available.

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