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Remy hair is human hair that still retains the cuticle. The hair has not been processed to remove it. Remy hair requires special care. I recommend the Healthy Essential Concise products to keep your wig looking its best.

Here is what to do when you're ready to clean your Remy hair wig:

1) Before you wet the wig, spray the Ultra-Loc all over the wig. This helps to lock down the cuticle. The chief cause of tangling is swelling of the hair when it gets wet, and the Ultra-Loc prevents this from happening. You will spray this on the hair before washing and after the conditioner on towel-dried hair.

2) Draw some lukewarm water in a plastic tub or in the sink, just enough to wet the wig well. Dissolve about a tablespoon of Cleanse shampoo in the water and lay the wig in the solution. Pull the solution through the hair until it's all saturated, being careful to keep the hair all going in the same direction. This is very important. Rinse well.

3) The Pro-Condition has a spout that creates a foam. You can work this foam through the wig directly, or take the top off and dissolve the product in a little water, like you did the shampoo. This is what I do as it makes the product last longer. Make sure the conditioner saturates the hair well. Leave in the hair for 3 minutes.

4) While the conditioner is still on the hair, dissolve a tablespoon of the Silk-Eez in the same solution, and work it through the hair. Leave another 3 minutes. Rinse well.

5) Lay the wig on an absorbent towel, and pat excess water out of the hair, being careful not to rub the hairs together.

6) Pin the wig securely to a wig form. Starting at the ends, carefully comb the hair up the strand to the roots. At this point you may want to use a leave-in conditioner such as Instacure by Matrix as a detangler. This is what I use, it's a good product but is optional. I carry this, but you can get it at any salon in your area that handles Matrix products.

7) You can use a blow-dryer, or let the wig dry overnight. When dry, style as you wish. Because this is 100% human hair, you can use hot rollers, or a curling iron or flat iron on the hottest setting.

Using the right products on your human hair wig will keep the wig looking nice and will prolong the life of your wig. Although I recommend the Healthy Essential Concise products for Remy hair wigs, they are the best I have found for use on all human hair wigs.

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