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By placing an order for any product from this company, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age, and you agree to accept these policies in their entirety before placing your order.


We are willing to work with you by phone or e-mail to answer any questions you may have about your order, and to help avoid the possibility of having to make an exchange. However, even with the best of efforts, occasionally a wig does not work. In this case, we will gladly exchange the wig for another wig of equal or greater value.



To exchange a wig, you must call or e-mail Toni for an Exchange Authorization Code (EAC). EXCHANGES must be returned with tags and all packaging material included.

A copy of the receipt must be included with your return. A STORE CREDIT may be given based on the price of the exchanged item(s) as shown on customer’s sales receipt. No credit will be given for any shipping charges.

We must receive the exchanged merchandise within 30 days from the date it was delivered.

RESTOCKING FEE: There is a 20% restocking fee per item on all exchanges. Toni will work with you personally to ensure that you receive your wig expertly styled to your needs and preferences.

CANCELLATION OF AN ORDER If an order has been submitted and processed, and then a customer cancels or alters from the originally ordered item before the item is shipped, a cancellation fee of 20% will be deducted from whatever payment method the customer has used.

BALANCE ON AN EXCHANGE: Unless other arrangements are made, we will use the payment information on your original order to process any amount due on your exchange.

EXCHANGED ITEM(S) must be equal to or of greater value than the original order. All credit must be used at the time of the exchange. We do not carry credit balances forward once the exchange has been completed.



Wet products and styling tools are not exchangeable. All sales are final on these items.

DEPOSITS: We will process 50% of the total of your custom wig at the time of the order. The balance will be processed when the wig is shipped. The 50% deposit represents a good-faith contract between you and our company, and is non-refundable. If you cancel your custom order while the order is in progress at the factory, you will forfeit the 50% deposit.

DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS: We pledge to offer you only products which give you the best value for your money, and we stand behind our merchandise. If the customer believes an item received has a factory defect, the customer must contact us within 7 days of receipt of the item. The customer will be given an Exchange Authorization Code (EAC), and upon receipt of the wig in question, it will be examined. Alternatives 2000 and the manufacturer of the item reserve the right to determine the defect, and if we agree that the wig indeed has a factory defect, the item will be replaced at no charge with the same brand and model where possible, and Alternatives 2000 will pay for Parcel Post Mail shipping back to the customer. There is no restocking fee on defective items. If the item is determined not to be defective, it will be treated as a standard exchange. A restocking fee will be charged and all other exchange policies will apply.

PRICE AND POLICY CHANGES: All prices and policies are subject to change without notice.



We require payment in advance of shipping all merchandise. All checks and money orders should be made out to Toni Clark.

DOMESTIC CREDIT CARD ORDERS: For styled and custom wigs, we process 50% of the total at the time of the order, and the balance just before we ship the wig. If there is a problem with your card, we will contact you, and the problem must be cleared up before we can continue processing your order.

When you place your order with Toni, she will ask for the 3 or 4-digit CVV2 or CID number. This number appears on a credit card as a security measure, and helps to ensure that the person using the credit card number actually has the card in his or her possession. Just as this information helps to protect us, it also helps to protect you from credit card fraud.

Your credit card statement will show "Alternatives 2000".

BILLING ADDRESS: In addition to the shipping address, we require the correct billing address of the cardholder on all credit card orders. If the name on the card is different from the name of the person placing the order, we reserve the right to call the cardholder to obtain authorization for use of the card. When the card number is processed, the billing address (where you receive your credit card statement) must match the information contained in your bank's records for that card. Orders with billing addresses that do not match will not be processed until we receive the correct information. If you give us a second billing address, and it also does not match, the only method of payment we will accept for that order will be through PayPal, a money order, or a cashier's or certified check. This policy is standard with mail order businesses, and is in place for your protection as well as ours.

We accept payment on orders from outside the USA by Paypal and Western Union only. At the present time, PayPal is accepted in many countries around the world. Click here to see a list of those countries, as well as information on how to open an account with them. If using Paypal please use as the receiver e-mail address. If using Western Union, please make it payable to Toni Clark.

We are sorry but we cannot accept credit card numbers as payment for your order from outside the United States at this time. Our credit card processor is not set up to process credit cards from foreign countries.

CERTIFIED (CASHIER'S) CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS: If you are paying by a certified check or money order, we do not begin processing your order until payment or a 50%deposit is received. Certified checks and money orders are treated the same as cash, and merchandise is shipped as soon as possible after the payment process is completed.

PAYPAL: Orders placed with payment made through PayPal will be processed when we are notified that the transaction has been completed. If you are making your payment through PayPal, the receiver e-mail address is


DOMESTIC SHIPPING: Our standard method of shipping to destinations in the United States is by USPS (post office) Parcel Post Mail. Delivery by this method on styled wigs is usually from 2 to 7 days from the day the order is shipped, depending on your distance from our location in California. Parcel Post Mail shipping is free on stock styled wigs shipped to addresses in the USA. Faster shipping is available upon request at an extra cost. PLEASE NOTE: Free postage is not included on unstyled wigs. Please contact us for details.

OVERSEAS SHIPPING: Our primary method of shipping to destinations outside the US is by Global Express Mail. We calculate shipping to areas outside the US based on the least expensive method to your area, and we have found that this is usually through the postal service. If you prefer to receive your order by UPS, please let us know.

Orders to APO and FPO addresses are sent by USPS Military Parcel Post Mail at domestic rates, and if the package is being sent to any destination outside the US, a mandatory customs declaration is placed on the outside of the box. Orders sent to US territories are shipped at domestic rates and do not require a customs form. Orders going to APO and FPO addresses are shipped at domestic rates, but have to carry a customs form if the destination is in a foreign country.

DELIVERY: You will receive a notification by e-mail that your order has been shipped.

We are not responsible for delayed, undelivered or misdelivered orders due to customer error or carrier delivery error. Claims for lost or damaged shipments must be filed with the carrier.

If an order is refused on delivery with no prior arrangement with us, our regular exchange policy will apply. When the package is returned to us, we will assess the appropriate restocking fee and the balance will be used as a store credit toward other merchandise. No refunds will be given on refused packages.

STYLED WIGS: Because of the large number of orders we receive for professionally styled wigs, there is usually a 3 to 4 week wait on orders for styled stock wigs. We apologize for the waiting time, but Toni spends considerable time on each wig to make sure you will be pleased with your new hair. We do endeavor to ship styled wigs as quickly as possible. We work hard to accommodate everyone, and we think you'll find the final result worth the wait.


We understand that many people don't want to make it known to those around them that they wear a wig. Your privacy is respected here, and there is nothing on the outside of your package that reveals its contents. (Exception: see OVERSEAS SHIPPING LAWS AND REGULATIONS below.)

STYLED WIGS are normally shipped in a 16-inch or 18-inch plain brown cardboard box. The return address is Alternatives 2000 with no indication of the contents.

OVERSEAS SHIPPING LAWS AND REGULATIONS for packages shipped to areas outside the US by law require us to complete a customs form describing the exact contents and its value, to be placed in a plastic pouch which is attached to the outside of the shipping box. We have no control over this requirement, nor do we have control over what the customs inspectors write on the outside of the box. We are sorry but we cannot and will not give false information as to the nature and value of the contents of any shipment. We apologize for any inconvenience or potential embarrassment to a customer incurred by the customs requirement of declaring the contents of a package on the customs form. It's the law.

ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION you give us is held in the strictest of confidence, and is only used to enable us to complete your order. This information is NEVER sold, shared, displayed without permission, or otherwise made available to mailing lists or any other entity (exception: see OVERSEAS SHIPPING LAWS AND REGULATIONS above).

We only send e-mail necessary to complete your order. We do not send solicitations, advertising, or SPAM of any kind.


SALES TAX: Under California state law, as of April 1, 2009, we are required to collect 8.25% sales tax on all purchases shipped to California addresses. This sales tax does not apply to any order shipped to locations outside of the state of California.

CUSTOMS AND DUTY FEES: If you are having an item shipped to a country outside the United States, please be aware that you may be charged additional fees above and beyond what you paid us for that item. Each country has its own customs fees and/or Value Added Taxes (VAT) on items coming in from outside that country. The customer is responsible for any extra fees levied by the government of their country. Shipments to destinations outside the USA may be held in customs for a period of time. We are not responsible for delays in delivery due to articles held for customs inspections.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE DID NOT CREATE THESE LAWS! The customs laws are made and enforced by the government of each nation around the world. Any complaints about the extra fees incurred by these laws should be addressed to the government of the country in which you reside.


We are a member of PUBLIC EYE, a service which is equivalent to a type of "Better Business Bureau" for businesses providing products and services on the Internet. PUBLIC EYE is a "watchdog" website where you can see reports (both good and bad) on any participating business, and also file reports yourself at any time, 24 hours a day. We have listed our business with this service since 1998 because we strive to offer the best products and service possible. Our reputation as a sincere and well-respected business on the Internet is evidenced by our many satisfied customers.


A charge-back is when a customer contacts his or her credit card company to have a charge removed, equivalent to forcing a refund from a merchant. In many cases this action is in direct opposition to the company's refund policies. Many people are unaware of the nature of what this actually represents.

The purpose of a charge-back is to protect a customer against dishonest or unresponsive merchants. This is a very serious action, and should only be used as a last resort, when all other means of resolving a conflict with a merchant have failed.

Unfortunately, there are some who would abuse this consumer protection service of their credit card company. Credit card companies do not approve of misuse of this service and each time it is done, a record is kept on the merchant's as well as the customer's account. Repeated charge-backs on a particular account will likely cause the credit card company to deny future use of the account.

Charge-backs are considered by reputable merchants to be highly offensive, because this shows that the individual is unwilling to resolve a problem in a fair manner. It demonstrates that the individual has refused to abide by the terms of the company policies which are clearly posted. By the act of placing an order with a company, the customer agrees to follow the posted company policies by "implied consent". Generally, once a charge-back has been initiated by a customer, future purchases with that merchant will not be welcome, and potential orders to other merchants using the same credit card processing company will likely not be accepted also. Charge-backs are a "black mark" that goes against the merchant's credit card processing account, possibly indicating a dishonest or unresponsive merchant. Fines are often charged against the merchant's account in excess of $25 over the transaction amount. The merchant is often charged an increased fee for all credit card transactions from that point forward. No honest and respectable merchant needs or wants this kind of hassle.

FRAUD: Believe it or not, there are individuals who actually try to keep mail-order products they received and attempt to do a charge-back. This is not only dishonest but is also illegal, and criminal charges can be filed against the perpetrator. Mail fraud is a Federal offense that carries very stiff penalties, which can include fines and/or prison time. In addition, any fraudulent use of credit card numbers or other means of payment will be turned over to law enforcement and postal authorities, and we will assist in prosecuting these individuals to the full extent of the law.


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