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Word of mouth is important to any business.

Online businesses receive new customers by being listed near the beginning of the search results the in the search engines. (Like Google, Yahoo and MSN)

What does this have to do with word of mouth and exactly how does word of mouth work on the Internet?
Simple. If you link to us on your website or personal webpage, we are considered more important to the search engines. The term is called Link Popularity.

Link Popularity is extremely important to Internet Businesses. The search engines use many factors in determining the order in which they display results when you do a search. Link Popularity basically means that if a website (like ours) has lots and lots of webpages linking to them, they must be more important to people than websites that don't have many links to them.

So, if you are like most of our happy customers and appreciate our business, the most helpful thing you can do to spread the word is link to us.

Here is how...

If you know how to create a link on your home page, link to

If not, you can simply add the following HTML code to your webpage to create the link.

That's all there is to it!
And thanks in advance from all of us at Alternatives 2000.

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