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There are many choices today in wigs which are PRE-MADE, and chances are that there is one which will work for you. PRE-MADE or PRE-DESIGNED pieces are units which can be shipped immediately from the wholesalers. They are also called STOCK wigs, because they are wigs that the company keeps in stock, and are generally the styles and colors which are available in their catalogs. Many can be customized with cut, style, size, perm and color. The following are the types of PRE-MADE wigs:


A RAW wig (can be human hair or synthetic), is one which comes from the factory with hair that has a basic length but without shaping. It must be cut, shaped, permed if necessary, and styled by a wig professional to look natural. RAW wigs are the most versatile of all wigs, as they are only limited by the talent and imagination of the stylist. Most of the better quality CRANIAL PROSTHESES are of this type.

An UNSTYLED wig is one which has been cut and possibly shaped at the factory, and may have been curled or permed as well, but requires professional attention to make it wearable for the average person. JACQUELYN wigs are of this type. Most of them contain more hair than the average wig, which makes them more versatile, but also makes the initial styling more difficult. Unless you have an experienced wig professional available in your local area to do it for you, we recommend that you purchase these wigs from us styled only.

A PRE-STYLED wig is one which has been cut, shaped and curled at the factory. It is then folded up and packed in a little box or bag with a hairnet around it for shipping to the wholesalers. This is the way most mail-order wig companies ship their products to you. They are the easiest wigs for the customer to handle right out of the box. They may require some combing and arranging of the hair, or finger-picking, scrunching and/or moussing for the finished style. Examples of this type of wig are ESTETICA , NORIKO, ALAN THOMAS, LOOK OF LOVE, RENE OF PARIS, HENRY MARGU, and the BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL synthetics.

PRE-STYLED wigs are generally synthetic, although occasionally a company may offer PRE-STYLED human hair wigs. A PRE-STYLED human hair wig will already be cut, shaped and permed if the style requires it, but may need some final touches to make it wearable. A human hair style will only last until the wig is washed. The cut and perm will still be there, but the human hair wig will have to be set in rollers or blow-dried and curled with an iron to get the style back. Examples of this type of wig may be found in the JACQUELYN and BEVERLY JOHNSON wig collections.

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