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We are not wigmakers so we do not buy hair. The following are sources I know of in the US that may be of help.

The Hair Trader is a website where you can go and list your hair for sale. This is the best website of its kind that I have seen. It is a simple and straightforward way to show the hair you want to sell to prospective buyers, and the listings are free. You can go to or contact Jacalyn at offers to buy hair if their criteria is met. You can find them at

Here is another link:

There is also a website called World of Wigs, which I have personally contacted and was told that they purchase hair for use in repairing wigs and hairpieces. You can reach them at for more information.

There are some caring people in Ohio who take donations of hair. Your hair could make a world of difference to a needy child. Wigs for Kids is a non-profit organization that accepts donations of hair to make hairpieces and wigs for children suffering from hair loss as a result of cancer treatments or Alopecia Areata. Presently, hair pieces are often considered "cosmetic" and not covered by medical insurance. You can access their website at

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