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This is Jynx. I found him hiding in the garage at my grandparents. Margaret had been feeding him for a few days but when I saw him I fell instantly in love! He walked right up to me and let me give him some lovin.

Since I have no idea when his birthday is, I would say that he is about 6 years old.

Now, Here is SuNee. She lives nextdoor to the office. I think her owners gave her a name, but I like SuNee. She is the mother of, Bubba, Marie, and Frankie.
She is standing next to her TV.

Let me introduce you to SuNee TV.
You may notice a white, grey, black, and orange blur in the tank. Those were my mollies Barbara, Spot, Dave, and Rex. Unfortunately, they had to be given a burrial at sea due to a malfunctioning heater.

Here is Javier, a Crown Tail male Betta, who is hiding in the roots of the plant, and my two females Carlotta, the one with the 2 stripes, and Venus, the one with the pretty red and blue coloring.

Say Hello to my babies, Goober and Dante. Dante is a Blueberry Oscar and Goober is a Long Fin. There may be other names for them but that is what the guy at the fish store told me. This was taken when I first put them in their tank, and if you don't know anything about Oscars, they pout. Which is exactally what they are doing.
I know that these pictures of them are blurry but they just can't sit still. I think they have A.D.D. or something!
This is Bear. He is a friend of mine who loves to go for a swim in his pond. I'm not sure what he is trying to eat but it looks yummy.

Alright, I know these are not dogs or cats but I couldn't resist. Isn't the baby just so cute?!

This rooster has no name. I wanted to name him Lunch, but...

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