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We are always in the process of making it easier to find the wigs you are looking for. Currently we are putting wigs on our site into general categories so you can find wigs that are of a similar type. During this process it became necessary to define the terms more clearly so you would know what is meant by them. These are not the dictionary definition of the terms but have been chosen to distinguish the difference between one type and another.
Please be aware that styles and textures do not always fit nicely into one category or another. There are combinations and variations that may cause certain wigs to be included in to groups that would not normally be associated. (Showgirl Bobs for example) We will strive to do the best we can with our goal being that you will be likely to find a wig you will like.

Style Trend

Trendy - Latest fad type styles.
Modern - Recently developed styles.
Classic - Well established styles.
Conservative - Conventional rarely changing styles.


Silky (Silky Straight) - Smooth shiny appearance.

Straight (Natural/Perm Straight) - No curls or waves.
Crimpy - Loose generally ironed in kinks.

Kinky (Kinky/Yaki) - Alternating between fairly straight and sharp bends or curves. Yaki is relaxed kinky hair.
Loose Waves - Gentle curves that alternate from one direction to another.

Tight Waves - Smaller waves.
Loose Curls/Perm - Circular shaped hair clusters.

Tight Curls/Perm (Tight Curls/Jheri-curl/Afro) - Smaller curls. Jheri is relaxed African-American hair. Afro refers to naturally very tight curly African-American hair.
Braids (Braids/Dreadlocks) - Divided then twisted or intertwined hair forming long bundles. Shown in a jumbo braid for clarity. Braided wigs use much smaller braids.

Micro-Braids - Very Small Braids.


Bob (Bob/Page) - Smooth style with sides and back generally the same length. Although Bobs are usually just shorter Pages, the Bob is cut more evenly at the bottom. The Bob originated in the 1920s when liberal women would ''bob'' or cut off their hair as an act of rebellion. Pages often have the bottom of the sides and back curved inward (like the Page shown).
Flip (Flip/Flair/Flare) - A Bob or Page with ends curled outward.
Tapered (Tapered/Wedge) - Styles that are generally shorter at the bottom and longer as you go up the sides or back. Tapered necklines are very popular.
Pixie (Pixie/Boy Cut) - Short all over boyish yet feminine style. They often expose the top of the ear to accentuate the boyish look.
Showgirl - Very long style with exaggerated sex appeal.
Layered (Layered/Shag/Feathered) - Hair of different lengths near one another.
Bangs - Short hair covering a portion of the forehead.
Mullet - Short hair on the top, front and sides yet long in the back.

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