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Hi, Toni, pkg arrived on Wednesday! I’m always happy with your styling, but I think this time was the very best. It’s absolutely lovely!

And, as always, I was so impressed by your packaging. It really is ingenious. Not a hair was out of place. So amazing.

Thanks so much, Toni!

Best Always, Marjorie H.

Toni is wonderful! Although we're separated by thousands of miles I tried to explain what I wanted, via emails. Being the kind, patient, understanding person she is, she gave me what I wanted and did it to perfection!
~~MJ Sidney

[This is not a full wig. MJ is wearing a custom partial piece by Jacquelyn that was made to her specifications. Partial units are difficult to do at a distance, but with lots of communication and cooperation between us, we were able to do it successfully. For their part, Jacquelyn came through for us by following our instructions to the last detail.]

Hi Toni,

Just wanted to let you know I received the Concise products today as I had hoped. Wow, these products are AWESOME. My European hair wig didn't look, feel, or smell this good when I bought it new. Haven't worn it yet but it's easy to see it won't tangle as it had in the past. Thank you SOOOOOO much. I know I'll be back for more. Have a great weekend.~~~Best, Joann

[Most people send me testimonials about how much they like the wigs they have purchased from me. Joann already had a Virgin European hair wig that she was having trouble with. She had written to me asking if I knew of anything that would help keep her wig from tangling. I recommended the Concise 3-Product Special along with the Silk-Eez. This is what she used, and sent me this nice testimonial.]

Dear Toni, I'd be remiss if I didn't write to thank you for the critical role you played in my 'new look'. I have received many compliments on how good my hair looks these days ("great, lovely, cute, gorgeous"). My husband, a guy incapable of giving false praise, reacted with "Wow, it takes 10 years off!" While, initially, I was looking only for a way to allow my own hair a bit of time to grow back, the positive feedback is an unexpected bonus. I'm trying not to let it 'go to my head'.

You helped me choose the right color and style and best of all, no one knows I'm wearing a wig! It has been a sensitive process from the moment I contacted you after reading some of the testimonials on your web site but you are so easy to talk to and have managed to walk me through it with patience, empathy and all the expertise of years of working with wigs and the people who need them. Many thanks.~~~Jude D.

[Jude is wearing a Virgin European hair April by Jacquelyn, trimmed and styled for her. After receiving her picture, I must say that in all my years as a stylist, this is truly one of the most natural-looking wigs I've ever seen. The style is most becoming on her, and I'm so glad I was able to help her in her quest for the perfect wig. This demonstrates what a really superior quality wig can do.]

I have "had" to wear a wig for 38 years. I've had many styles, many designers over the years. I finally found the perfect wig, and it is my perfect head of hair!!

I ordered two silk-top Sharon wigs by Look of Love, color 101, from Toni. I would like to report to any one of you who are wig wearers, that this is by far the most comfortable wig I've ever worn. It is as if I have no wig on at all. The uncomfortable, tight, scrunched feeling of any other wig, is gone. No feeling that it is going up the back of the head, or not covering the ears, doesn't not fit my forehead, etc. It's just as if I finally got enough hair to cover my head, and I don't need a wig anymore. Now, I'm afraid I'll forget I don't have it on, and go out without it, because it is so natural feeling.

I'm delighted with the costs, and everything about this wig. The designers outdid themselves on a super fine product. I will order again and again. Thanks, Toni
~~Martha J Wafer

SHE CAME !!!!!!!!!
SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

...Everybody at work loves my new curly streaked hair do!!!!!!!!!...A few asked, “what did you do get a permanent”, then more asked “what did you do get highlights”?...They all said it made me look 20 years younger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...The color you chose for me is absolutely perfect. In the beginning I wasn’t so sure about it, but now I SIMPLY LOVE IT, TONI. Thank you so very much for what you have done for me. You’re simply wonderful. Instead of holding my head down when somebody walks in my office, now I look up with a smile.


[Tina's wig is a Jacquelyn FT Curly Long, which I custom permed for her.]

I’ve worn wigs for over ten years. I have ordered from various sites on the internet and one day I came across Alternatives 2000. I ordered one or two wigs from Alternatives and had my stylist cut them for me. My stylist cuts hair well, but did not have any experience with wigs and although she cut them for me, she always was very conservative because she was afraid to cut too much. My hair always looked “wiggy”. One day, I decided to let Toni try and pre-style the wig for me.

From the start, Toni was a pleasure to work with. She asked me to send photos and listened to my ideas of what I wanted and how I felt the wig should look. She advised me on color selection and made me feel as if I was the most important person in the world.

I ordered the Beverly by Jacquelyn wigs and after it was styled, Toni shipped it to me on a stand, and packaged as if I just walked out of the salon. I opened the package and didn’t put it on for a few days. I was scared. When I finally put on the wig I was amazed at how beautiful and realistic the hair looked. The cut was perfect, the color was perfect. So much so, that I ordered three wigs. Each one was styled to perfection and looks natural. I have had many people ask me where I get my hair cut. And I tell them a personal friend does my hair. Because Toni has become just that, a personal friend, (who lives across the United States!).

She answered email to perfection, she listens to what I have to say and she goes out of her way to make sure I am pleased. The cost of her cuts it worth everything to me. I don’t know how I survived so long with all my “second rate” wigs. Toni is the best in the business and I wish she lived in Virginia Beach. ~~Sharon D

[Sharon is wearing the Beverly by Jacquelyn in color 16-10.]

I just received my order today and I am more than pleased with it. The items are better than I expected and I probably will never enter another wig store again. I will most definitely be doing business with your company again and again. ~~~Regards, PMM

A business such as yours deserves to be praised. In today's marketplace It is the exception rather than the rule to find a company that not only displays superior expertise, but is consistently customer-oriented in every transaction. I appreciate your high standards....Alternatives 2000 continues to be the country's best source for wigs, and a pleasure to do business with...Thank you. ~~Donna West

First of all before I go on and talk about the wigs I purchased I want to talk about the most important part of the process. The most important part, though I didn't know it at the time, was the credibility of the company and the person who runs it. Well Toni Clark is that person. She is the most gracious, knowledgeable, kind person and her goal is to help the person make the right choices for that person. She treats the purchaser as a real person and not just someone who wants or needs to buy a wig. All emails and phone calls were answered in a timely matter and always with pleasantness and eagerness to help. I never felt that I was asking too many questions, emailing or calling too many times.

I was seeking my wigs for medical reasons and for this reason it was a very difficult time for me. I wanted my wig to look as natural as possible and with Toni's help and understanding of my needs this goal was met. Toni, I would like to thank you very much for all the help that you gave me. You were more understanding of my needs for these wigs than even my family. As far as they were concerend I was healthy & alive and they would take me any way they could get me, but I needed more then that, I needed to look like me before the surgery. Toni you knew how important this was to me and you helped me make my goal.

Now the wigs, oh are they beautiful. With Toni's help we decided on C.R.F.T 1 from the Jacquelyn collection. I wanted a wig that was all human hair and for me this worked out well. The human hair does take a little longer to get it ready, but it is so natural that I don't mind the extra care. I like working on hair and I have some knowledge so for me this was not a problem. For my second wig we choose Samantha from the Amore collection of Rene of Paris. I needed a back up and I wanted a wig similar to the human hair wig. This wig is adorable and fun to wear. It is so easy to care for and maintain, it truly is a wash & wear.

I would definitely purchase from Toni again and at that time it would be for fun and convenience. I can get ready so fast to walk out the door that even my husband is happy, no more waiting on the front porch for me. I can be out the door in 20 minutes and I am a person who wears makeup and takes care in how I dress.

One last thing, Toni's grandaughter, Skye, deserves acknowledgment in the process. She went out of her way to take pictures of my first wig from Toni's company (I didn't mention I ordered a wig to use while I was waiting for my insurance approval) so she could email the pictures to me so I could get a better idea of what the wig looked like before styling. She is also most helpful when calling for information. This wig is a Jacquelyn human hair blend and is also enjoyed by me. It is also a wash and wear.

Toni I want to wish all the best to you, your family and company.


My Dear Toni: I just received my wig and I have to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with it! You are a lifesaver!

When I emailed you (and others) at the very beginning of this horrible adventure, I was beside myself and grasping at any possibility that someone would have my wig in my discontinued color. Not only were you the only one to answer my email, but you saved me by having Jacelyn make it for me in my color, and you styled it so beautifully from only the picture that I sent you. You would think that I was sitting there wearing it when you styled it for me! You did a great job, at a fair and reasonable price, as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you ever have anyone who is hesitant about ordering from someone so far away, or wants more information about the work that you do, please feel free to give out my name and number and I will tell them about my experience. Sincerely, Ann.

Dear Toni...When the wig arrived a few days ago, it looked BEAUTIFUL...and that was on a nicely prepared styro head!!! (It reminded me of the way Mother's hair used to look so much, right down to the lovely fragrance.) She tried it on and it took a little getting used to. She had hair again! Needless to say, we are THRILLED, not so much because it looks so beautiful, but because it looks like her. I even stood right over her and inspected the hairline, the crown and the back in close detail and I could not tell that her hair did not grow right out of her head! "Belinda", as we have named it, looks PERFECT! The fit, the color, the shape, the cut...are all perfect! (I do think of myself as a genius for listening to your recommendations. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Very Cordially, Sophianatasha "Sasha" Nakazato

[Sasha chose an Aurulite human hair wig by Concise for her mother. The before and after pictures show what a delightful change can be achieved by the addition of a nice wig.]

Dear Toni, Carol and I want to thank you for your patience and responsiveness during our search for a nice quality afro wig. About two years ago we began a search for a quality afro wig but all we found were clownish poor quality wigs. We thought all hopes were lost and then we found your website and saw the Foxxy by Forever Young. After ordering a couple of the Foxxy's we knew the quality was there but had no idea about styling them the way we wanted. So, we asked you for advice and you suggested that we send them back to you for styling and we did.

When the wigs arrived after styling, we were amazed that they were the same wigs we had sent you. Incredible! They were exactly as we had hoped for with a nice round shape and very neat looking. Now Carol can wear these to parties and out for fun and have people wondering if it's her real hair or a wig. This fact says so much for the quality of the wig but more so about your styling expertise. You are incredible Toni and we assure you that when Carol orders another wig, it will be from your site and you will be the one styling it.

Thanks again for your patience, promptness and most of all, your professionalism.

Tom and Carol in Middle Georgia

Hi Toni.....Got the Jazzy wig this morning and you were absolutely right on the color. There isn't enough difference to worry about. Thanks for helping me out on that. I appreciate it.

I think I'm going to like this, it'll take me a while to get used to it since it has so much less hair than the Diamond, but I like the style. It's shorter and fits closer. Anyway, a million thank you's for all your help. You can be sure you'll hear from me again.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your customer service!!! You can use me as a reference anytime. --Louise

Toni--I just want to say THANK YOU! I got the wigs today and ...I have to tell you I LOVE the Alicia 2/33. It has the beautiful dark brown of my old Imana's with this great mix of dark auburn. I am soo thrilled that I found something comparable.

I am a younger woman and after being mis-diagnosed with Cancer many years back--my hair never really came in right. The wigs are a way of life for me now....[when I] found your site--it gave me a bit of hope.

When I found out that the Imana 30M's were discontinued-- I wanted to cry, but with your help, I was able to find a similar style with an almost similar color match. I just got through ordering 10 more of the Alicia 2/33 from you.

So thank you again. I appreciate your service and your reasonable prices. --Ciny

Dear Toni and Charles, I received the Topaz wig - Toni, it is BEAUTIFUL and I'm ordering another. Please style it just like you did this one, with the feathering down the sides. If I were any happier, I'd have to fly to California and hug you both to pieces.

**Big Hugs** Beth O'Donnell

Dear Toni, I received the CRFT 2 that you had the factory add extra hair on the top. I want you to know how happy I am with this wig. I have never had a wig that looks so natural and so well made. You really went the extra miles for me and you have a customer for life. If I didn't live in the boonies of Tenn. I would be giving you a BIG HUG for being so kind and so helpful. I am so grateful to you!!! Please feel free to add my email thanks to your testimonial page. Bless You Toni! ---sincerely, Cindi Sue Murphy

Hello Toni, I just received my HUMAN HAIR WIG "EDEN". I LOVE THIS PIECE. I MAY NEVER GO BACK TO SYNTHETIC AGAIN. It feels SO GOOD. Also, I want to compliment your company on providing me with such wonderful service. I am a very satisfied customer. --HAPPY HOLIDAYS, SOPHIA S.

Hi Toni! Just got it.. You are fantastic! The wig [Always by Jacquelyn] is gorgeous. You really know your stuff. Its a little bit shorter than I thought, but heck, its time I do something different really love the layers and stuff you put in. Muchos Grasias.........or however you say it, many thanks, Lorrie

Hello....I DID receive the two red tag wigs I ordered...."Cathy" from New Look and "Casandra" from European Naturals. Both are wonderful, thank you! I was a bit nervous about "Casandra" since it was a color blend and synthetic so if the colors were wrong, there was no way to correct it. BUT, it is absolutely wonderful! And the texture is so silky and feels closest to real hair than most of the wigs I have. It IS going to be one of my favorites and I just wanted to thank you for the transaction... speedy shipping and GREAT service! Many "mahalos" from Hawaii ~Theresa~

Toni, just want to thank you for the hair! It's absolutely perfect! Got it yesterday and wore it today......wish I could have found you sooner. I'll be ordering more. Thanks again! --Shirley S.

I just wanted to let you know that the cuticle human hair that I bought from you is so beautiful and the colors are perfect. You all were so very helpful with me in matching my color. The hair was so beautiful that I called back a couple days later and orders 4 more bags. I always want to have spare hair when I need it. I have ordered hair from other shops but your is the best quality and you have the best colors too. Thank you, Amy

Hi Toni, I just had to let you know how pleased I am with my wig. I ordered the Imani human hair wig with the monotop. I received tons of compliments. It was funny because I wear my hair short, so when I arrived at work with the Imani wig on, no one know who I was. After time had passed people started running up to me telling me how they loved my hair. One lady even told me "I don't like it, I love it." That made me so happy. I am very glad that I purchased this wig. Thanks so much. ---Pamela F.

Hi Toni! ...I just ordered & recieved Beverly Johnsons MARIAH from your company,...and I LOVE it!...I'm gonna look all wild and daring! Thank you for all your trouble. I am so happy I spent a lot of time cruising your site, and found Mariah.....I needed a new look. Take Care, Mary T.

PS....Ya know, Toni? You are ONE IN A MILLION! I read your testimonial page, and it made me cry. You are SO IMPORTANT to those of us who HAVE to wear wigs. You really make a difference in our lives. Thank you, from my whole heart.

hi guys, i have lost count on how many complements i get on "judith"....i've had several strangers approach me in the street ask me where i got my "braids" done....even a few in the office who "know my secret" were fooled and said that i finally went for the braids and how could i sit for so long......WHAT A HOOT!

it gets even funnier, two asian ladies who own the chinese restuarant i "frequent' said how hice it looked and were pressing me for how long it took to do.....and they were right across the counter from me....

i just take a deep breathe and say it takes several hours to braid micro braids this small....what more can i say......

thought you'd appreciate my experiences....feel free to share them --marie

Dear Toni, thank you so much for helping me find the right wig for the third time. The Rita is exactly what I wanted! The style is perfect and so is the color. You have provided the best customer service any person could ask for. I have read your testimonies from your other customers and I agree 100% with all of them. I will surely come back to your site when I'm ready to order another wig.
--Yours truly, Sharon McLaughlin

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. I have ordered a half dozen wigs from other web sites over the past year, but have found yours to be the BEST! I learned so much just by reading all the information on your web site. Even the information you provided in the shipping box for wig care (Baking soda? who would have thought!!) was helpful. Thanks for taking the time to put together such a wonderful site.... --Jean M.

Hi Toni - I surely will recommend your website/business to other wig wearers. And - the wig arrived today - and - I LOVE IT! The strawberry blond color - which you said they may have "tinkered with" is an improvement - more red in it! Really like the color and the style. I'm so happy I found you and can rely on and trust you!
--With appreciation! Dorothy B.

Dear, Dear, Dear Toni-- :)
When I opened the box to have a look, right out of the plastic I was thinking, "this thing is gorgeous!!! Looks just like Monroe !!!" I ran and tried it on myself first. Sissy said I looked cute. :) She made the comment, "You can always get those things to look so natural on you! I hope I don't look like a clown." I "styled" it and got her in there and it was magic. :) I told her by the time we slipped her into make-up and that dress it was gonna be lethal. :) ....I think she looked simply stunning! She actually has a Marilyn type figure, so add that to the "do", those sweeping false eyelashes, and the red lipstick and KABOOM!!!!!! :) I told sissy I think it's her best Halloween costume EVER!!! ...So I thank you Toni, for making this morning so much fun!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. :) Fondest regards --Joan S.

Hi Toni, I got the hair piece, it is going to work just fine....I can't believe all the trouble you went to to get me this on time, I really appreciate it....Anyway thanks again, you saved the night. I'll let everyone I know how wonderful your service is. -- Amy

Dear Toni, I just got my Lena today and I love it. And my husband loves it even more on me, so we both have big smiles on our faces. Thank you so much! --Marla

Hi Toni, I received the wig yesterday, and I'm very pleased with the quality of both the hair and the construction. It was well worth the price. Also, thanks so much for getting the wig to me so quickly. --Regards, B.L.
[This customer purchased a Custom 018 100% Virgin European Hair wig by Jacquelyn.]

I didn't think it could be done. I've tried all kinds of wigs over the years, and they all looked so phony. With this one, my husband can't even tell! He says it looks nicer than my own hair! Thank you so much, Toni! I love it! I'll be back for more! --Phyllis Burgen - Yuba City, CA
[Phyllis is wearing a Caring Touch wig that was custom-styled for her by Toni.]

Although I've never met Toni Clark, I'd love to give her a big hug! Toni has been so wonderful about sharing all of her vast experience and expertise. Her business is, by it's very nature, a very personal one. Each and every one of us, female or male, comes to Toni looking for some help. Sure, Toni is in the business of sales, but I've never even once, through all the years I've been calling her, felt anything but concern and attention to my personal needs. Sometimes I call Toni and I only sort of know what I'm looking for. And each time Toni has come up with the very product I wanted because she's absolutely up to date on what's available and from whom. I sure hope Toni Clark stays in this business for a long, long time!! - Marsha S., Washington State
[Marsha is wearing an Alexandra human hair wig by Wig Pro, which she has braided and combed out to give it a a little wave.]

Toni: The wigs arrived today...they are gorgeous...can't wait till my friends see them...thanx again for the terrific service. Definately referrals for your web will be forthcoming from me personally. --Michele J.

Hey Tony, the wig looks soooo good on me. My husband loves it. Now I wear it on the weekends too (that's why I bought the extra one.) my hair can rest. It looks real and no one knows. They keep telling me how great my new hairstyle looks. Thanks a thousand times. Your site is now part of my bookmarks, at home and work. It may be a while but you do have a customer for life. Thanks. --Kathy L.

Dear Toni -- I wanted to tell you how very satisfied I am with the Alicia wigs and the wet products, and my mother loves the Sally wigs that she uses. The service you provided is excellent and I am very happy with everything! Thank you, S.G.

Toni, I just wanted to send you an email letting you know that my wig arrived today as you said it would. I really want to let you know that I am impressed! The wig is wonderfully styled and I couldn't have picked a more perfect color. Actually, this is the way I have always wanted my hair but could never get them to cut and style my hair this way. It is truly beautiful and I am not the least self-conscious in wearing it in public. Thank you so much, you truly did a great job! Carol M.

I just want to tell you that I just received my order and that I am very satisfied with your product and the way it has been delivered. It will be a pleasure to do business with you again. M. Saint-Pierre.

Dear Toni, I can't tell you what a joy it was to find you. Your personal attention is exceptional. Not only do you provide me the best value hair for the money but you make sure that it looks wonderful on me. Because of you every day is a good hair day. --Andrea Coleman
[Andrea is wearing high-quality human hair wigs that were custom made by American Hairlines just for her.]

Dear Toni, this is to wish you and your family a very happy holiday. Thank you for your help these last 2 years...without your kindness and assistance, I would be lost in a world of "cyber wig shopping". Merry Christmas. --Mary T.

Dear Toni, I just wanted to write to let you know that I received my wig and am very pleased. It is beautiful and the color is perfect, Thanks for all the time you spent with me on the phone helping me decide which color to go with. And for getting it to me so quickly. Thanks again for your help. Gratefully yours, Rosemarie T.

Tony, the wig arrived, and it is so beautiful!!!! I'm very pleased. Sorry I didn't get to you before now, but have been busy busy. Thank you so much. It is a pleasure doing business with you. --Linda M.


Hi Toni and Charles: I received my Gwen in color T30/4 and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you! Love, Cynthia P.

Hi Toni! I just got my wig and I love it! The color is perfect and the style looks just like the Amanda! The front sides are shorter than my old one, but I think I like this better! I really like the layering.... I still have that "blunt bob" style I wanted, but the layers really soften it up and make it look so much more natural! It's gonna take me awhile to get used to the top front, but I'm playing and experimenting and I really like the style. My old wig had thinned out so much that this still looks full to me, but the fullness is where I want it. I can't thank you enough for all the time and talent you put into this! It's so scary ordering a wig that you haven't tried on, then trying to explain exactly what you want without actually being there to show you! Well, you did an excellent job!! Are you sure you don't wanna move to [her city]???? lol Thanks again Toni! --Debi :)

I did receive my order timely and was very happy with the product. I just wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to receive the quality of service your company has provided.--Susan S.

Dear Toni, I received my wig today and boy, was it worth the wait! It's beautiful and you did a great job! Thanks again, I'm sure I'll be in touch. --Theresa S.

Toni, my wig is gorgeous! The color is absolutely perfect! My girlfriend trimmed up the front sides a little, but over all the wig is perfect! I cannot thank you enough, it is such an improvement over what I was wearing! ....Thanks so much for all your help. --Kristine W.

Dear Toni Clark: Received my wigs today, and wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with them. The reason I ordered them you see, is back on 9/18/01, I fell and broke my left leg. After surgery, I was forced to cut off my own knee-length hair, as I could not care for it while recuperating. In order to aid my healing process, I knew that I needed my hair "back." Hence the search for suitable wigs. And your wigs do the trick! I feel better already, and can't thank you enough. They are easy to style, look great, and are very easy to manage. Thank you very much, I am one very happy customer! --Sincerely yours, Nancy P. Davies

Hi, toni. my new sally just arrived. the fit is much better, and the color is great. thank you so much for your advice. i had chemo last friday, and i was feeling blah today. well, goodbye blahs, thanks to you. anyone i come across who needs a wig will get a big endorsement for your company. warm regards, marilyn

Dear Toni Clark, this afternoon we recieved my wive's wig. (She needs a wig , it is not just a fashion thing.) We like to thank you for all the care you gave us to get the right wig at the right place at the right time. The service you gave us was more than 100%. This will be absolutely not the last wig you sold to the Netherlands..... On behalve of my wife I send you a hug again en hope to do business in the near future. With warm, dutch, greetings J. Ots

I didn't know which heading to put this under, but it is just to compliment you all on your service. I have purchased many wigs through the years and have never received the service and personal attention that I have received from your company. I dealt mainly with a gentleman, over the phone, and had some trouble with the fact that the computor was down at one time, had to return the first wig, due to a defect(which I have never had any other distributor acknowledge that there was anything wrong with their product) but you did and did not charge a restocking fee. I was never treated with anything but kindness through it all. Anyway, I don't want to ramble on, but I was just thrilled with your service from beginning to end, including immediate information of shipping date and status of order. So keep up the good work. I will order again. Thank you again. Sharin H.

Hello Toni, This dermafix wig is the greatest thing ever! I recently just gave up and shaved my whole head totally bald. I'm allergic to a lot of things, especially on my skin(eczema), and this material performs as promised. It adheres to my scalp exceptionally well and is also cool and comfy--no itching or pinching, either. The hair is such a great look for me and so fun to style many diff. ways! My real hair would never ever look as good as a wig, so I'm resigned to the fact I have to wear them forever now. I really love the freedom it gives me to look any way I want each day and I don't have to worry about returning to my old habits!I feel so much better about myself going out in public and nobody ever looks twice at my hair. I guess that means the wigs look so natural.....You have a great website and fantastic products. Probably will hear from me again soon. I have my eye on another of the wigs on your site!!! Take care, Sue

Hi Toni, the wig arrived today (a day late due to yesterday's snow storm), and all I can say is WOW! The highlights are great and create just the effect I was looking for. I was so nervous about making a change, but you were absolutely right-on-the-mark! They are so subtle, yet create a soft and natural look. And....the cut is EXACTLY the look I wanted. I'm not sure if the sides are a bit shorter or more layered, but it's simply perfect. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the look you created for me. As I said before, I had my first wig styled at a nearby salon and it does not come close to the level of excellence that you provide....Of course, now that I am in love with this color I will want to order a second one later on when things are back to normal for you....I hope everyone is being patient with you. Your expertise is well worth the wait! Thanks again! --Jill

Hi Toni, I received the order. The wigs are beautiful! You have me as a steady customer! Thanks, Paulette

Hi Toni. My wig arrived this week and I LOVE it! It got here Monday as you predicted....I really appreciate your service with the emails letting me know not only that my order has been received, but also shipped (and how and when to expect delivery). Unfortunately we often don't get good service with face to face contact in stores. I'm glad to have found your internet site and will let my other "follically challenged" chemo friends know about it. Thanks, Dana

Hi Toni, just a quick note to let you know I did receive my package. I would also like you to know I am very, very pleased with the wig so far. It was exactly what I was expecting and more. I believe I have invested wisely and will certainly do future business with your company! Thanks very much, Nicole

Hello Toni---I figured if I wrote to tell you I hadn't gotten my wig yet, that it would arrive---and it did!! I LOVE IT!! It's just gorgeous....Thank you. This is the best wig ever!!! Sincerely, Sue W.

OH MY GOD!!! I am loving this beautiful wig - I am soooooo happy. The color is perfection and the style is fab! Now I am trying to decide what other color I want to get it in!! - thanks Linda D

Thanks for all of your attention to my orders! I really appreciate the manner in which you take care of your customers. --Stephanie J.

Toni, I just can't believe it yet...this is the hair I used to have as a very young girl (when I was 9 I had an illness with very high fevers, etc., and that's when I lost a good deal of my hair, and although I have some, it's very thin in spots). As I sit here at the computer (and I promise a pic to you), I keep stroking my hair and loving it. It's perfect. There's just nothing like hh for the way it moves, the way it flies, etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I sure hope these will be available for a while...I'd hate to lose the source...Come closer so I can give you a great big hug - there!!! Most sincerely, Marsha

thanks toni, the mary arrived right on time as always. perfect match, perfect fit. always pleased. sabrina s.

Hi Toni: You did great! Just what I had in mind. It's amazing, we did this all by email! You are as good as all the testamonials on your site! I'll be contacting you again for another. Thanks again. --Erin

Hi Toni, my wig arrived yesterday------I am thrilled! Thanks for shipping it Express. It fits nicely and I now see that I could get by without the combs but on the other hand, they may come in handy at special times.... I would like to compliment you on the extensive information that you provided with my wig, as well as your comprehensive website. Thanks for all your help. --Marion

Toni, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. You went above and beyond and we appreciate that. The wigs worked out great. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Your website is bookmarked. Best Wishes and Happy Holidays. :-) LeeAnn

...Toni, I want to thank you so much for the beautiful styling of my new hair. I have worn it with great confidence and have had nothing but compliments. Everyone I know including my husband says it looks so natural and that I actually look younger, I love it. In fact two people said I look like Annette Funicello. That may kind of give you an idea of what I do kind of look like. I want to thank you so much again for all of your help on the styling and of your very truly wonderful expertise. I would definitely recommend you to others and I will be back for more. --Sincerely, Suzanne F.

I thank you again for your wonderful kindness and your willingness to 'go the extra mile' for your customers. I can't say enough good things about you, your service, and your company! I am so glad that I stumbled across your Web Site when searching for reputable Wig Companies. What a God-send you have been for me. --T.L.P.

I found my experience with Toni Clark at Alternatives 2000 to be most rewarding. She was magnificent. She was there for me whenever I had a question about my pending purchase and quided me along the way. I had no trouble getting a quick and sincere responce from her on any of my many questions. Toni Clark stands behind her work and loves her job which is to SERVE HER CUSTOMERS and make sure they are happy with their merchandise. What more can I say but, "Thank you Toni and God Bless." --Pat C.

Toni, you went out of your way to assure I got exactly what I wanted. Even though you were told the wig was not available in my preferred color, you managed to get it anyway! Your dedication to your customers is #1, I can tell! How can I thank you enough? The wig I ordered from you last year is still in great shape (it's been almost a year!), but I was ready for something different. Wigs I've bought from other companies are not nearly as good of a quality as I have gotten from you. I'm a very satisified customer! Thanks, Toni! --Beth J.

Thank you for the beautiful wig it turned out wonderfully....I LOVED my wig and I have passed your name on to hundreds! Thanks, Joni

Dear Toni, I received my wig on Saturday and I am very pleased with it... but more than pleased with the timely correspondence regarding the order. Your exemplary handling of the order request is to be commended. I would not hestitate to recommend your on-line service to family and friends. Thanks again, Jessie C.

Dear Toni, I received my (custom) Look of Love wig today. I have already sewed on the combs and clipped just a tiny bit of front hair and it is absolutely, perfectly, totally wonderful!!! The alligator strap works very well. The hair fits perfectly. It is a wonderful color. My husband likes it. I LOVE IT!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Gratefully, Carolyn N.

Dear Toni, Sorry that I've been so long getting to you after receiving my integration. I just really had it styled this last week. My hairdresser was out of town for a while and then, also she is very busy. She colored it for me about two weeks ago and then finally last week, Wednesday, she was able to work me in after hours and style and cut it. I feel like a new woman! Anyway, I am albsolutely delighted with the end result. It is a beautiful piece. I love the quality and the security of how the intergration fits. ...More thanks for staying with me through the long process and giving me what is an "Ideal" hair piece! I really do appreciate all the communication, etc. Will keep in touch. Sincerely, Carolyn L.

Hi. I'd just like to bend your ear a minute to tell you how pleased I've been with my new hair. I've had it over a year now, and I'm very pleased with the quality and the look it gives me. I've had many many compliments over the past year, and I know it's because it's the best wig I've ever worn. I'm very pleased with it. Thanks for having such a great product. I'm confident that I when it comes time to replace this one, I'll run right back to you for my next purchase. Thanks again, Layla J.

As a woman who wears wigs for fun and on a daily basis, I would like for you and your staff to know how pleased I was with an order I placed in February. The cost and quality of the wig was exceptional!! I will never order from another company as long as this one exists. I would also like to comment on the friendly staff that took my call. Thanks for providing a convenience, and quality products!! --Kellie

...Thank you all again so very, very much for everything. You all have done an absolutely OUTSTANDING job. The trip out there was well worth the time and expense. We had a great time and you all were wonderful. Toni, you are nothing short of a magician. I have received many compliments on my hair since I got back. Thanks to you and all you did, I finally look just like I remember myself before my hair loss. My morale is somewhere out in the stratosphere and Charlie loves my hair this long. I will be more than happy to act as a reference for you at any time. Anyone who wishes to may contact me through my email address...I am in the process of checking out a lady here in town who can do the styling chores, but I fully intend to continue to purchase my wigs through you. The next time I am out in California, for whatever reason, I fully intend to stop in and say hi. Again, thank you, THANK YOU. Y'all done good - VERY good. --Catherine M. Graham

Dear Toni-I never expected to wear a wig, but I had a "hair disaster" and ended up with bald spots that I could not cover with my own hair. I stumbled across your website and I could not be happier. Your company was very professional and patient (I had a lot of questions). Your on-line directory was user-friendly and informative. Last, but not least, the wig was better than I expected. It was high quality and it helped me to have the confidence to be me. I've have 2 babies and I lead a very active lifestyle, so I had to have a wig that I didn't have to worry about it falling off or having to spend a lot of time styling it. The NICOLE was perfect for me! --LeAndrena H.

Hi Toni, I got my Brandi wig on Friday, and I have to say I LOVE LOVE, LOVE it! It is just perfect, and I am so utterly impressed at the fact that from one style I said I liked, you were able to recommend something that was perfect for me! I have shopped in stores where after an hour of explaining what I preferred and pointing things out, the shop could STILL not cop on to what I wanted. You obviously know your stuff, and have a grasp on a huge inventory right off the top of your head. (pardon the pun) I am just thrilled! The color is just fantasic- the variations are so natural and gorgeous, and as I said, the style is exactly what I wanted! I am thrilled, delighted, impressed, so, so happy- I can't thank you enough, I really can't! My boyfriend who at first thought the idea of a wig was a little strange has been trailing me around the house with the look of a love crazed man, even he is converted to your expertise. Once again, my heartfelt thanks to you, Toni. I sure will be telling everyone I know about your great shop, and your talent at selecting and recommending things for your customers. You have made my day, and I will certailnly be buying from you again. Thanks! I couldn't love my new wig more! --Oisin

Toni, I am sure I have been a bit of a pain with my many emails, questions, etc. But - like I've mentioned before - $230 is a lot to spend for one hairstyle, and I wanted to be absolutely certain of the right color, etc. Again, I thank you for all of your help - you have gone way beyond the call of duty here to help me (as a new customer) and I sincerely do appreciate all the time you have given to this order, and to me. You do a wonderful job, and I look forward to ordering from "Alternatives 2000" again in the future because of your loyalty and customer courtesy! It's been my pleasure dealing with such a personable and helpful employee. God bless, Tammy L.

Dear Toni, I received my new RIKI NT yesterday and it is absolutely perfect. I can't get over how "real" it looks, feels and moves. I was always a little concerned that someone, somehow would discover that I was wearing a wig - that fear has certainly been eradicated by this new hair.....and I love the "scalp" which shows through at the part. It certainly will defy detection. Thanks for everything! --Madeline R.

Dear Toni, A few weeks ago on a Saturday night, I ordered BF-1220 from your "Black is Beautiful" collection. It was in my hands by the following Tuesday!! I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the wig (as well as your service), but since I've never had a wig before in my life, I was still a little nervous about wearing it out in public. About a week ago I finally decided to wear it out shopping, the next day to church, the next day to work and on and on and on. Everyone thinks it's really mine! I've never received so many compliments before in my life (from men and women alike). My own mother didn't even know! Girl, thanks to you, I'll never have a "bad hair day" again! I'll definitely be ordering again. Thanks so much. --Satisfied Louisiana customer

I recieved my wig today as you 24 hours. Never before have I felt so confident in a company before recieving my purchase. Toni, you made me feel like you were my own personal beautician and friend. The wig I ordered was (New) Page, it is beautiful. For the first time in 20 years I feel like a normal woman again. I had mine attached, so I can sleep, shower and anything else I would normally do with "real" hair. I have had it on now for about 5 hours and I don't even know it's on. I wore a partial hairpiece for years and that felt like it wasn't my own. Your Jacquelyn wig feels like I have nothing on...just real hair growing. Everyone who saw me tonight after it was attached...never guessed it was a wig (I didn't tell them either) They just commented on how beautiful my hair looked and who was my beautician. My daughter who is my biggest critic, examined the piece after it was attached and said she would never have guessed if she hadn't known. My husband said I look beautiful...and he would have never guessed it wasn't my real hair if he didn't know I had a severe hair loss problem. I would like to thank you for all the time you spent discussing this with me and I would also like to thank your husband who was a godsend...rushing to FedEx for me...You will be hearing from me again in a couple weeks to order the same piece so that I can alternate between attachments. Thank you both! --Sherry C.

Toni, Received "Suzy" today, as you promised, and am delighted! Took it out of the box & put it on, you did a great job it was worth the wait...I am looking forward to getting "Immage" because I am sure you will have it styled perfect. Thank you so much. --Pat H.

Yes, the wig for my mother-in-law arrived on Friday...You did us both a great service and I am so very appreciative. As for the wig, Toni, you were absolutely right....the dark brown with med brown hi-lites was EXACTLY the color of her hair before chemo. I wish you could have seen the joy on her face....lit up the whole room!...Again, my deepest gratitude for the special efforts you made. --Kathy

I received my wig yesterday. I didn't open the box for several hours ("first timers's jitters). Wow! The color is perfect. The cut, thank you for all of your input, is perfect! My husband was amazed and I was so delighted. I was somewhat disappointed when I didn't receive the wig in time for my trip to Las Vegas, but after seeing how great it looks I was terribly disappointed. (This is, of course, a compliment and not a criticism.) You did a great job and I can't believe how terrific it looks. You took the time to explain the cut, the color, and make inquiries about my size/look, etc. This wig is the Hampton, on private sale - you trimmed the sides to make it more even - like a London. It is so light and moves just great. The combination of human hair and synthetic is beautiful. Easy to brush into place, and so "believably" beautiful. Thank you!!...NEVER looked this good. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to "confess." Thanks again. --Barbara M.

Toni, I received the wig a few days ago. It's excellent. The hair is beautiful and the cotton cap is perfect and very comfortable indeed. After drying on the wig block it has a perfect fit. Much better then capless wigs. Thanks Toni, I'm very pleased with it... best regards --Martin V.

Dear Toni, I just had to write to let you know how completely satisfied I am with my new Jacquelyn wig. The NEW PAIGE is just perfect, and your styling could not be any better. Toni, it's a real pleasure to buy from a company that does what they promise and sincerely cares about their customers' satisfaction. I shall heartily recommend Alternatives 2000 to all of my friends, and wish you continued success in your business. A VERY satisfied customer, Diane Ballance--GA

Dear Toni, The wigs are perfect! I love the way they look in the shorter length. I couldn't be more satisfied. You are so good! I really like the way the ends are cut, there's more bounce and body to the wigs now. I am so grateful for all your help and patience--Rita F.

Dear Toni, Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the precise cut of this wig, and your professionalism. It was a pleasure to deal with your company.--Leslie F.

Dear Toni... Received the wig today and am thrilled with the results. It was worth the waiting. The color is near perfect and the style is so flattering. It came during a down time with my own hair feeling and behaving like straw. The wig lifted my spirits considerably. Thank you for all your patience and kindness. I will recommend your company highly! Yours truly, Dr. Eleanor Saboski

Hi, Toni I got the Daniella today (saturday) it is fabulous!!!! I love it. --Denise R.

Toni, the Cartier style is exactly how I wore my hair know. Please remain happy and delight in knowing you are an artist. I'm very proud of your work and believe me I have become an expert in the last year. I just got lucky and found your website. Thanks again, Toni... --Diane A.

Thanks Toni for the fast and marvelous service. I received both wigs today and they are beautiful. --Clara C.

Toni, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I LOVE my new hair. I received it just in time for a wedding reception. My other hair was getting pretty ratty. I just can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me. I WILL be ordering another one soon.--Sharon L.

Toni, Thank for doing such a nice job preparing and styling my new wig. It is wonderful. I received it yesterday just in time for my first night out in public. I went to dinner with some girls from Columbia. They all thought the wig looked great. --Jennifer F.

Dear Toni: I'm writing this letter to thank you for the excellent service that you have given me and to let you know how happy I am with my new hair and being able to order over the internet. I was at first a little leery about ordering over the internet but am now extremely happy with finding someone who is honest and knowledgeable that I can order wigs from on a regular basis, and so conveniently from anywhere in the world I might be. Your patience in taking the time to find a style that was suitable for me was greatly appreciated.

Your experience was very helpful to me when trying to make decisions on size, color and styles etc. You made ordering very simple and easy to understand. Your help with measuring and fitting was accurate and it's the best fit I have ever had. Your service was a more personal, one on one basis, where other places made feel rushed and pressured. You made me feel comfortable and were sensitive to my special needs - you really cared!

You have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from and I got exactly what I expected and ordered. I have had trouble in the past getting a wig with the right amount of hair to suit me and have also had trouble finding someone that knows how to properly cut wigs. I was extremely happy with the style, washing and conditioning tips, amount of hair and the cut I received from you, giving me a very natural look.

As you know, I'm very involved in competitive figure skating and snowboarding and I need to be comfortable in knowing that my hair is secure. Even with the longer style that I chose, I am confident in executing the rigorous activities of spinning, jumping and snowboarding. Your method of securing works wonderful without damaging the hair, which has been a problem in the past.

I have done a lot of searching on the internet and I would highly recommend ordering from you. I am delighted to have found someone as honest and patient as you to take care of my system requirements in the future.

I would like you to feel free to publish this letter on the internet and if anyone would like to contact me for a recommendation I would be more than happy to talk to them.
Feeling great with my nu do, HAVE A GOOD HAIR DAY!

Sincere thanks and appreciation, Your new friend and customer in Canada, --Candace Daku

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