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Human hair wigs have always been the first choice for wig wearers who preferred the natural look and feel of real hair. Obviously, human hair is acquired from human beings who grow the hair on their own heads. Up to now, most of the hair used for wigmaking has been obtained from Asian and Indian women who grew their hair until it was very long, and then either donated it for religious reasons or sold it to human hair brokers, who then made it available to the wig factories. In the past, there has always been more than enough hair available to make wigs and the human hair wig industry flourished.

However, in recent years, with the modernization of the countries in which the hair was gathered, girls and women are becoming more fashion-conscious, and they are flocking to hair salons to get the latest fashion cut. As a result, they are not growing their hair as long as they have in the past. So this means the factories are having a harder and harder time getting hair in the lengths required for wigmaking.

To make matters worse, the hair extension business has boomed in the last few years. The demand for hair extensions is huge, created by the use of hair extensions by celebrities, and then carrying over to the mass market. The majority of human hair is being used to make hair extensions, resulting in less hair being available to make human hair wigs.

This situation has been getting worse and worse over the last few years, until it is now becoming critical. When the demand for any commodity becomes greater than the supply, it always causes increases in the price. The wig industry is no different. As the factories demand higher prices, the suppliers are forced to raise their prices. Other conditions, such as the ever-increasing price of oil and the devaluation of the US Dollar overseas, are affecting the entire wig market. Even brands that have been traditionally relatively inexpensive will become substantially higher in price, and the better quality wig prices will skyrocket.

I have already received new price lists from some of my suppliers, and I have no choice but to begin posting higher prices on my wigs. All other dealers will have to raise their prices too.

Now for the bad news: Unfortunately, there will be a point in the future where there simply wonít be enough human hair to go around. At this point, the availability of human hair wigs will simply dry up, or they will be so expensive as to make them impractical to wear for all but the most affluent customers. In the worse case scenario, if the factories canít get the hair, there simply wonít be any more human hair wigs to be had at any price.

Now, there is one company that makes all the synthetic fiber in the world. The good news is that this company is in the process of manufacturing one or more superior quality, high-tech fibers suitable for wig making. This is not your ordinary synthetic wig fiber. One of my suppliers has told me he has seen this fiber, and was very impressed. Evidently, the fiber mimics the look and feel of human hair, even to the point where the high heat of a curling iron will not harm it. In fact, this fiber requires high heat in order to curl it, and its high memory properties allow it to retain the curl nicely. There will also be curl patterns available in pre-designed wigs that canít be achieved with human hair. In addition, another benefit of synthetic fiber is that any color or combination of colors can be created. So we will see some really beautiful shades and effects that canít be done with human hair.

The downside is that the manufacturer of this fiber is not making it available to the masses until the human hair market crashes. Then they will ride in to save the day with their wonderful new synthetic fiber that will revolutionize the wig industry. We will see the manufacturers that previously specialized in human hair wigs suddenly offering an array of high-quality wigs made with these new synthetic fibers.

Just in case you think synthetic fiber is less expensive than human hair, this fiber is manufactured to a standard that will make the price comparable to human hair.

This information may cause human hair wig wearers to panic, but rest assured, we will always make the highest quality wigs available to you. When the time comes that human hair wigs are no longer available, weíll be here to offer you the best and most natural alternatives. The wig business will go on, and as always, the satisfaction of our customers will always be our first priority.

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