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October 17th to 20th, 1999 - Well, it was quite a feat getting the name switched. Let's just say persistence pays! The name switch went into effect this morning and we are seeing light traffic on our new server already. Again it will take about 5 days for the switch to be complete so that everyone around the world sees the new server instead of the old one.
By tomorrow evening we should have a much better idea about how things will be working in the long term.

October 16th, 1999 - Still trying to get the name submitted correctly. The current problem is due to an email problem at our old webhosting company. We had a problem with sending email using the email server assigned to us at our webhosting company. They claim there is no problem. Well, there is. Now when we submit our changes to have the site moved it is rejected because they think it is being submitted by the wrong email address. Definitely a Catch 22 situation. The guy that does the switching will not be in until Monday. Argh!

October 7th to 14th, 1999 - Well the day is finally here! The new server is all setup and ready to go. The request for the switch has been submitted. It should start going into effect "hopefully" by the morning of the 15th. It will take the usual 5 days or so after that for the rest of the internet to update the switch. (This means during the next 5 days everyone should be switched to the new server!) During this time we will be watching things REALLY closely to see how things are working. We don't forsee any problems. The main concern is whether or not the connection speed is fast enought to handle the load at our peak traffic times. We're about to find out for sure if our educated-guess is correct or not. The main thing that prevented us from switching a few days ago was an email issue. First, we could send but not receive email. Then, we could receive but not send. After fixing that we found a problem with a user account on the email server. was not allowing us to access the email account. The problem should have never came up, but it did. Well, it's all fixed now! Of course another "Yippie!!!" doesn't hurt.

October 6th - The digital phone lines were installed today. Double Yippie!!! Things look good so far. We're still testing things at this time.

October 4th, 1999 - Our new server will be starting out using the lesser of 2 connection speeds offered in this area. If we see there are delays in accessing the website we will have the connection increased to the faster speed. The faster speed costs almost 3 times as much so we will monitor things closely. Based the traffic we have now, we may experiance slight delays at peak times with pages loading. This is a "best guess" as to the exact speed based on current traffic. We know that several months from now we will need to speed up the connection anyway. We'll see how it goes. Our site is considered in the web industry to be a heavily trafficked site. One of our former hosting providers informed us that of the over 5000 websites they host, ours was by far the largest & most heavily trafficked and at one point the site had over 7000 webpages! We do things much differently now. With a few dozen pages we have what would have taken something like 3 billion webpages to achieve the old way!

Also, we have just added the Costume Wigs line to the site. We will be adding more to it very soon. We'd have liked to had it up sooner but with all the server problems it would have been a nightmare. I know, I know...nightmares are supposed to happen around Halloween. Heh. Well, anyway, the men's costume wigs will have to wait until after the new server is installed this Wednesday. Ya just can't get good help that can do more than 10 things at the same time these days!

September 22 to October 3rd, 1999 - We've solved several of the site problems we've been having. One really difficult-to-find-problem is that there a flaw in the way that error pages are handled on some web servers. The problem comes in when the web server "pre-loads" webpages in anticipation of someone clicking on them or an error occurring. This makes the responsiveness of the website quicker but can cause a problem if one of those preloaded pages contains a reset command. Every so often the reset command is performed and what you are doing on the site is lost. "Shopping carts, wig searches and everything else." This can have some strange effects when you are browsing the site. We simply removed the reset command (session.abandon) from our error page and everything started working much better.

Our new server being hooked up on the 6th. Yippie!! It will take some time to test things to ensure all the e-mail & website databases are working properly. Once things test out well, we will begin the transition from the server in Canada to our own inhouse server. Once we initiate the transition it takes about 5 days for the switch to ripple to all the corners of the internet. Basically, there will be 2 identical websites running during that time. Some people will only be able to see the old server, some will only be able to see the new server. It depends on where you are located in the world.

July 9 to September 21, 1999 - Well, the "What is new?" hasn't been updated for quite a while. There have been on-and-off problems with the website hosting service. They seem to be getting things better but there are still problems with the site because of the server we are on. We have a Web Server in our office to test changes before we upload them to the real site. Everything works fine here. We upload the changes and get weird results. For example, when a search is done and the next button is clicked, it brings up the first and following pages ok for a while. Then suddenly the server resets the search and you get "all" items instead of what you were searching through. We have isolated the problem to the web server. The hosting company thinks this is being caused from a separate website on the same server. Supposedly, the other site is taking too much of the server's memory and it "forgets" what it was doing. They seem to be unable to determine which site it is. Until they find it we are stuck.

However,... We are currently having digital phone lines put in so we will have our very own server. This way we have total control and can solve these problems once and for all. The line is supposed to be installed on October 6th. It will take a week or so to get everything tested before we switch the live site to our own server. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We strive to offer the best service possible. You should see marked improvements in the site operation. Also, updates to the site will be able to happen more often because right now we keep having to fix things every time we try make a change.

July 4 to 8, 1999 - Sheesh! Where do we start? Our new Hosting Provider had a major system failure on July 6th. Their entire company was offline. It took out some very large sites. We just got caught in the middle of it all. The site has been unaccessable until today. Great timing for switching companies. Of course, there was no way for us to know ahead of time or we would have stayed with our old Hosting Provider for another week.

July 1 to 3, 1999 - We signed up for the new Hosting Provider and things are progressing as well. We put in the name change request to move the site to the new Hosting Provider. Hopefully it will go into effect right away. We know that it takes up to 5 days for the name changes to make it to all corners of the Internet. Most people will never know that something has changed.

June 17 to 30, 1999 - Well, the server has still been experiencing heavy traffic in the evenings. Because of this and other customer support issues, we have decided to move to yet another Hosting Provider for our site.

June 14 to 16, 1999 - The site has been running smoother. You may experience problems once in a while. Most people will not notice server problems. If you do, it should be working again in a few minutes.

June 7 to 14, 1999 - We have been experiencing heavy traffic on our new server in the evenings. Our Hosting Provider is building faster servers to handle the load they are experiencing on their system. We should see improvement within the next few days.

June 1 to 7, 1999 - We apologize for any problems you may have experienced accessing our site. The fault was with our previous ISP. We had done extensive preparation for the move to a new server, but our ISP became unwilling to proceed with the move as we had agreed upon. We have now changed companies and servers, and we hope this will clear up the problems permanently. If you are still experiencing problems with the site, please contact us.

May 30, 1999- We have added the Look of Love collection. You'll find mono tops, human hair, and blends, as well as their regular line of quality synthetic wigs.

May 30, 1999 - The new online ordering and shopping cart is finished.

May 30, 1999 - Check out our new ALL ABOUT WIGS section for answers to many of your questions about wigs.

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