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Sunday 12/22 - I've added four new wigs to the Louis Ferre human hair group. These have completely hand-tied caps with Ferre's extra-fine monofilament top. You can identify these wigs separately from the rest of the human hair wigs by their names, which start with PC. These wigs must be seen to be appreciated. They are exceptional in quality and construction.

I've also completed Ferre's synthetic collection with the addition of seven of their styles designed with petite caps to accommodate our customers with smaller head sizes. These petite wigs are available in a variety of styles and a good selection of colors.

All for now but more on the way.....

Sunday 12/15 - Well, I'm still adding Louis Ferre wigs to the site. The Monosystem synthetic collection is now ready for you to see. There's a nice selection of styles, all with Ferre's fabulous monofilament top for the most natural look you've ever seen. (We're even showing 8 new Ferre styles that we haven't seen on any other website yet!)Take a peek to see which one you can't live without! Several of the wigs are available with a petite cap, and I'll be adding these wigs next. Though all of the wigs are not made with the small cap, there's a pretty good selection of styles.

We apologize for not being accessible for a time yesterday afternoon. We had a heavy rainstorm come through our local area and the high winds caused a widespread power outage. It knocked out our servers and also our phone system. Sometimes we find ourselves at the mercy of nature. Happily, all is fixed now and we are back up and humming along.

All for now. I'll be getting back to you soon with more new collections. I hope you are all having a happy and safe holiday season. Bye for now...

Sunday 11/17 - Wow, I've been away from this page too long! Our ever-growing business keeps me hopping most of the time, but I've managed to make some time to add a new collection to the site. We are proud to present the Louis Ferre Monosystem® Collection of luxurious 100% human hair wigs. You have to see these wigs to appreciate the workmanship that goes into each and every one of these quality hair fashions. A special extra-fine monofilament section in the top offers a more natural appearance. In my opinion, Louis Ferre has outdone the competition with the nicest mono-top I have ever seen. Take a peek, and although it is a small collection, there is bound to be a style that catches your fancy!

By the way, I'll be adding more of the Louis Ferre Collection soon, so stay tuned.

Wednesday 10/9 - As they say, all things must pass. This is true for our shipping department. As we say goodbye to Eric, we welcome Karen Carter as our new shipping clerk. She will be the person you talk to concerning shipping questions. We also welcome Skye Stoner-Carson who will be performing the customer data entry and filing duties. As always, our goal is to offer you, the customer, the best service possible. Keep checking back for more new styles coming soon!

Just a reminder that Halloween is fast approaching. Get your wig orders in early for best selection. The cut-off date for guaranteed delivery by Halloween is Monday the 21st. We will do our best to accommodate orders placed later than that, but items ordered after that date may not arrive by the 31st without additional charges for rush delivery.

Wednesday 9/18 - Just arrived! Two great new styles from Noriko! One is Katie and the other is Cara. Take a peek and see if one of these trendy new styles is in your future! Tuesday 9/17 - Check out the new TRY NOW party wigs in our Halloween section. It's a small collection but offers some really unusual fun wigs, just in time to complete your costume for Halloween!

More new stuff coming soon...!

Sunday 9/8 - Sorry it's been so long since I've written. Things have been jumping here. I was able to add 10 new styles to the Black is Beautiful synthetic wig collection today, along with 2 new human hair styles. More are on the way and I'll be adding them too as soon as they become available. Some of these wigs are so new that the color availability is still limited, but I'll be updating the colors as soon as they come in.

You'll also want to check out the new crop of drawstring ponytail hairpieces that just became available. These little pieces are great for an instant hair addition that looks pretty for any occasion.

Just in time for your Halloween and holiday needs, courtesy of a price break we've just received from our supplier, we're passing on the savings to you on all of the costume and masquerade wigs on the site. Order now for best selection on your favorite choices. Also don't forget to add a great pair of our party eyelashes to enhance your costume.

Monday 8/5 - Toni here. Our servers are all moved and things are progressing flawlessly. Each and every change we accomplish makes the site better and more efficient for both you and our company.
I've just finished upgrading our Alan Thomas and Dermafix wig collections. Check out several new styles in both lines, including some great new styles with Monofilament tops.
I've been out of the office several times in the last month due to a health problem, but I'm back again now working full time and doing my best to get everyone accommodated. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has waited patiently for a styled wig. I'm working hard to catch up and I'll be sending your wigs soon. And to all of you who have sent get-well wishes to me, a big THANK YOU for each and every one!

Monday 7/15 - Mike here, we are in the process of moving our servers to our office location in Sutter from my office in Yuba City (about 10 miles away). Until recently, we had to have the servers in Yuba City due to the unavailability of the proper connection to the Internet in Sutter. Now we have the proper connection and have begun moving the websites, email etc to Sutter. The idea is to make the transition without having to have the sites down for several days. So far everything is going as planned. The only issue we have at all is with open shopping carts. If you put something in the shopping cart while on the Yuba City site and come back several days later. The new Sutter server will not have that cart. If you experiance a loss of the items in your shopping cart then you will need to add the items back in. Other than that you should not notice that anything has happened. The new server is using updated software which will make it able to do much more. We are not planning major changes to the design of the site until some of our internal processing is integrated with the server in Sutter. All of these changes are being made to improve order processing, notifications, accuracy and ease our recordkeeping so we may better be able to meet your needs. I'll add more when the move is complete.

Wednesday 7/3 - Toni here with good news! We've just received a price drop on European Naturals wigs, so we've passed the savings on to you by reducing the prices on each and every wig in this collection. These wigs are very nice quality for the price, and there is a style for everyone in this large collection. Also I am working on adding several new styles to the site soon so keep checking back.

I will be out of the office until Monday due to a health problem that requires me to stay off my feet for a few days. I hope you all have a very enjoyable and safe holiday. Happy 4th of July and God bless the USA!

Saturday 6/15 - Toni again. I've just updated the Motown Tress collection, including adding several new styles to their growing collection of great hair fashions. There are some really unique trendy new styles, including one that has colorful zebra stripes! It's called Peacock and it's worth looking at even if it's not your cup of tea. Check out all of the new wigs and see if there's a new hairstyle in the future for you.

Thursday 6/13 - For a really unique fashion statement, check out our new collection of festive party eyelashes. There are lashes in many bright colors, as well as ones with sparkles and glitter. One pair is red, silver, and blue for a patriotic look--just in time for the 4th of July!A mini-tube of lash adhesive is included with each pair at no extra charge. Have fun!!

Sunday 6/1 - Toni here. For those of you who are interested in costume and theatrical wigs, I've added a new collection to our growing collection of costume and fun wig. I'll soon be adding a large collection of party lashes too, so stay tuned for that.
We are also pleased to announce the acquisition of our new domain, You can now find us at this location too.
Well, talk to you again soon.

Saturday 5/11 - Mike here, I think. Today was one of those days that you plan to avoid but jump in with both feet. The router decided to stop working. I guess we should feed it more. So it took a half a day off without asking. I thought it was going to be worse than it turned out to be. I thought we were looking at being down for several days since it failed late on a Saturday. Then after unplugging it for a while it started working again. We had already planned to move the servers to a new line and new router but it didn't give us a chance to work out the move at a good time. (Other priorities, we are streamlining our order processing at the moment. The servers were planned to be moved after the streamlining.) But, hopefully the router continues to work until we don't need it anymore. Well, after many hours of that I am ready to take the rest of the night off.

Thursday 4/25 - Mike here. - We have been having email problems with our server. We were receiving messages ok but part of the order notifications were not being sent. While trying to fix that problem, a software error showed up that prevented uninstalling or reinstalling the email server software. So,... I have been setting up a second mail server since late yesterday. Once things settle down I'll need to move everything off the web server to the second server and reinstall everything on the first one. It was interesting timing in one regard because I was just starting to put the second server together. It just made it an urgent priority to get running. Unfortunately, there were some messages lost and the email system was down for several hours. There is a possibility that some messages won't make it through during the next few days because the server is on a new address. That new address will have to propagate across the internet which takes time.
If you experience any problems with messages please contact us by phone to make sure your message wasn't one of the 50 or so that were regrettably lost. Mike.

Monday 4/8 - We had another power failure. This one only lasted for 30 minutes or so and occured just after 3am PST. Our server does have a battery backup that allows it to perform an automated proper shutdown. The battery provides power for about 5 minutes. We are in preperation to have servers at different locations (about 10 miles apart). Hopefully this will prevent the site from going down at all during power or phone line problems at either location. We will let you know when this is working.

Sunday 4/7 - As some of you may have noticed, our site was down for several hours today as a result of a massive power failure in our area. We are back up and running now, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this event.

I've added 5 brand new styles to the Amore collection of quality synthetic mono-top wigs. Look for Faith, Geri, Margo, Sage, and Shelby. Keep us bookmarked for other new developments coming soon.

Tuesday 3/26 - Our feedback has shown us that we simply have too much for one site alone. So, we are in the process of moving certain portions of the site to new websites. We have moved the RedTag Wigs and All About Wigs areas from our main site to new sites.

Yet, to keep the ease of use, all of our sites are linked together through a site menu at the top left of every webpage. We hope you find it easier to locate what you are looking for on each of the sites instead of us trying to fit everything on one site.

The All About Wigs site is a vast repository of 37 years of experience with wigs. We have tried to address the majority of questions that have been asked during that time.

The new RedTag wigs site is devoted to inventory overstock, discontinued items, custom styles, custom colors and returns.

Friday 3/15 - The new search, persistent shopping carts and surveys are giving us greater insight into what you want from us. We are striving to make your visit as enjoyable as we can. Some things are easier to change or add others will take time. For example: we are proud to be the first company to show which wigs will look best on which face shapes. We have planned to add this for some time but had other pressing tasks to work on first. It will take time to review all of the wigs on the site and still get everything else done too. As time goes on we will be building more and more into the website so Toni's vast experience will be readily available online to help you in making the best decisions. We still have many changes planned for the future. So stay tuned!

Monday 3/11 - We now have "persistent shopping carts". What does that mean? It means that if you add an item into a shopping cart and for any reason leave the site before completing your order, you can come back within 7 days on the same computer and your cart will be waiting for you to continue where you left off. This solves the problem of bad internet connections causing you to lose what you have done. You come back and it is just like you never left! For your protection, your personal and payment information is not retained until after you have completed the checkout process. We hope you will find this new feature helpful in placing your orders.

Friday 3/1 - In our constant effort to improve our website, and to make it even easier for you to find what you're looking for, we have now added a new Search feature where you can type in the wig or type of wig you're looking for and get instant results. This is a very cool feature that I know you'll use again and again to make your shopping experience with us even easier!

The Search works best when you are as specific as possible as to what you want to see. One word searches work best. In other words, if you type in the word "petite" instead of "petite wigs", you will get better results.

Happy shopping!

Friday 2/8 - For your convenience, we have added a new shipping option to our Airborne Express menu. We are now offering Ground shipping at a new, lower rate. The new rate will start at $5.50 for a one-pound box, and the delivery time will range from 2 to 15 days, depending on whether we have your item in stock, and the distance of your location from California.

The shopping cart will now calculate the shipping charge on your order based on the Ground rate, but Second-Day and Next-Day shipping are still available upon request. For more information, please contact us.

Sunday 1/27 - Look for seven additions to the Motown Tress collection. Check out Adanna, Ama, Cheri, Emelda, Emily, Odette and Whitney in the synthetic section. Add one of these great styles to your hair fashion wardrobe today!

Thursday 1/24 - We are proud to introduce the Wig Pro line of fine Remi human hair wigs. It's a small collection, but each wig is a masterpiece of quality and value, and each of them has been created with a full Monofilament mesh top for the most natural look possible in a wig. We offer these wigs professionally styled for your convenience, but you may purchase them ready to add your own styling artistry if desired. Please contact us for unstyled prices.

Thursday 1/17 - Good news for those with smaller headsizes! Noriko has just introduced five of her most popular styles made with petite caps! Check out Cory, Lexy, Megan, Jenny, and Drew, now available in 20-1/2 inch cap size.

Stay tuned for more goodies coming soon...

Monday 1/14/02 - Mike here. We have received many compliments on the new website. With new things comes refinement. One of the new areas is the Quick Survey. We are learning valuable information about what it is you want from us. Some things are simple to change others are more difficult. We have known that there must be a better way to narrow down the selections closer to what you may want. We are working on some changes but it will take time. Several of the changes will require reviewing and making judgments about every wig on the site! It will be worth it, but there are between 1300 and 2200 wig styles on the site that will need to be reviewed. It will take time and lots of work. Please be patient and you will see an ever-improving way to make your best wig choice.

Wednesday 1/2/02 - Toni again. I hope everyone had a great holiday. Well, here we are beginning a new year, and we are looking forward to many wonderful new things to offer you as time goes on. Mike has given us a cute new feature on our main page. No, it doesn't have anything to do with wigs, but it is something that I haven't seen on any other site up to now. You may have noticed an American flag waving in the upper right-hand corner of our home page. Make sure your speakers are on and put your mouse cursor over the flag. Wait a few seconds to start. It only does this when the mouse is over the flag! Very cool! (If you're viewing the site on a computer in the library or at work, this might not be such a good idea because of the sound, but if you're in a location where sound is not a problem, you'll get a nice surprise!) This is what's called an "Easter-egg", which is a little program that's hidden on a website somewhere, and which you find by accident. We think this is really neat, and we hope you'll like it too!

More later...

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