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Friday 12/10 - Skye here announcing the arrival of the Beverly Johnson 2004 Fall Favorites! 21 new styles including the Wearfree Collection which features the new handmade styles of Fantasia which is also the same style as the Anastasia from the Stitch-N-Go collection AND the Kellita, Penelope which is also the Jamie from the Stitch-N-Go Collection and the Jazzelle, Veronique, Leah which is also the Claire, Francyne, Shailie, and Darlene. The other new styles are, Margena, Quala, Sable, Uma, Pamela, Morgan, Colleen, Jackie, Persia, Amber, Cissy, Danessa which is also the Dina from the Stitch-N-Go Collection, Erika and Briana. These are being offered at the sale price so order now before the sale ends.

Thursday 12/2 -


We are offering blowout sale prices on a large number of wigs on our website just in time for the holidays! Enjoy fantastic bargains on hundreds of great styles. Check out the incredible savings now, because frankly, we don't know how long we can get away with these discounted prices!

Saturday 11/20 - We've just added the fabulous Georgie wig collection to our ever-growing selection of alternate hair solutions. As a consistent industry leader, Georgie is proud to surpass expectations once again, and makes waves with this season's most innovative breakthroughs in wig technology, with special hair blends and cap constructions that offer the most comfortable and natural choices possible in a wig.

Presenting a palette of options in styles, sizes, and hair types, these wigs are ready to complement any lifestyle and suit the most unusual needs. Custom wigs are available by special request. There's a Georgie wig for every woman.

Thursday 11/04 - Hey everyone! This is Skye with some absolutely fabulous news. I added a new collection all by myself. (Well, Mike helped a little bit.) Go take a look! We now offer Henry Margu’s wig lines. That’s right, the Henry Margu Originals, Naturally Yours, HiLites, Petite Solutions, Elements, and Incognito collections are right here, just for you!

Now, some of you who are familiar with all of the Henry Margu products are thinking “Hey! What about all the 3/4 pieces from the Mane Attraction line? Or the cute little ponytail wraps and extensions from Hair Accents?" Well, with those types of hairpieces, color matching by mail order is very uncertain, and can be an exchange nightmare for both of us. However, if you know what color and name of the style you want, we can get it for you. Call us for special pricing on any Henry Margu wig or hairpiece, and we'll discount the posted price for you. Or if you have any questions at all, give us a call! Anybody here will be more then happy to assist you. Enjoy!

Tuesday 9/28 - Mike here. Well, we have really been having Internet connection problems. There was a momentary power failure in the middle of the night on Friday that knocked out one of our network hubs. It was protected by a UPS, a surge protector and it's own protection but still it did not like the momentary power glitch. No one was here but late Saturday I became aware of troubles. The bad hub was replaced and things seemed like they were working ok. But, the Internet connection was connecting and disconnecting at random times. The symptoms were making me believe we still had an internal problem within our equipment.

Finally out of frustration Tuesday morning I unplugged everything and started testing one item at a time. First thing to test was the DSL line. It worked for a few minutes then failed. It would only run at 5% of normal speed then fail. It turns out that even the phone company had equipment fail because of the power glitch. I was told that 4 main lines into our area had blown out circuit cards, one of them was ours. The service technician left about 5:30pm with us on a new DSL line and circuit.

A nice bonus after all the problems is the new line is about 50% faster with less noise, so that should mean it will handle more noise before it becomes a problem (like bad weather).

Sorry about any problems this has caused with us being down. A side note: we had been considering a second DSL line from a different company, however it would likely have not made a difference in this case because the 2nd line would have been connected to the same part that failed. We just would have lost both lines. We are just going to have to wait until better options are available in order to eliminate the chance that the phone companies equipment failing will take us off the Internet.

Sunday 8/8 - Toni again. I have added a new topic to the All About Wigs section. This involves the controversy as related to the wearing of Indian hair wigs by Orthdox Jewish women. I have received many inquiries about this subject so I thought I'd write an article to try to help people understand the issue. I don't claim to know everything, but if you're interested in this subject, you might take time to read this article. I've made an attempt to explain the issue as I understand it. You can find the article here I hope you will find it helpful.

Thursday 7/29 - Toni here. I've just added several new styles to the ESTETICA collection. There are some really cute and updated styles here. This is one company that does not force us to post a minimum price, so we are able to offer you a nice quality synthetic wig at a competitive price.

There are several wig companies who are putting out a minimum pricing policy for Internet wig dealers, and we have no choice but to post their "suggested" prices, which, in our opinion, is higher than they should be for mail order wigs. However, we have also found other wig wholesalers who are interested in selling their wigs, and are not planning on tying the hands of their retailers so that they can't post competitive prices on their products. We are anxiously working with these companies to add their products to our website, and we think you'll be pleased to see some nice wigs at reasonable prices.

I'm doing my best to get these collections up as soon as I can, so keep checking back for lots of new stuff coming soon.

7/22 - Mike again. I was making some minor changes to our email server when the software crashed. It was getting glitchy and we were going to switch our email to an outside company soon so I decided to make that change now instead of trying to rebuild it. It is an involved setup to rebuild our email server, and also time-consuming. But that is all gone now. The email is working fine at our new email provider. The old email server is going to become another order entry PC in the office for Toni.

7/21 - Howdy, Mike here. My apologies for the troubles with the website the last couple of days. I was adding a new Bread Crumb searching feature to the site on Sunday and stayed up all night getting it working. It just goes to show why it is not a good idea to work on complex programming after a days work. It takes both an eye for detail and a perception of the big picture. Well, I made some mistakes on both areas. I repeatedly didn't notice 2 quote signs were missing in the code. And I had overlooked a potential conflict between our existing search function and the new search function.
I was able to solve the problems early this morning after working on it continously since Sunday. I can finally get some sleep now.

7/13 - Hello!!! This is Skye. I know that I told a lot of you who called and asked that the Red Tag weaving & braiding hair was going up on the site last week. I apologize for it not being there, but guess what? It's up now! There is a limited color quantity, so to be sure that we have what you want, you can either call or send an email. If you really want you can do both. Get them while you can because when they're gone, they are gone for good. Don't forget it is a first come, first serve basis, and all sales are final. No exchanges or refunds will be allowed for any reason. But if you want a real bargain on these items, take a peek.

Tuesday 7/6 - We have just received special pricing on a select group of Jacquelyn human hair wigs that we know will catch your interest. These wigs are made with 100% Remy human hair from India. This hair is finer in texture than that found in ordinary human hair wigs, and is soft and silky to the touch. These wigs are overstocks and are being offered to us at unheard-of prices. If you've always wanted a really high quality human hair wig, but couldn't afford the higher prices, now is the time to take advantage of these incredible bargains.

Now these are not used wigs or seconds---they are brand new and factory-fresh. They are simply being discontinued by Jacquelyn, and are priced to clear out inventory. At this time, we are able to obtain these wigs at a substantial discount, and we are pleased to pass along the savings to our customers.

Check out these beautiful wigs HERE. We know you'll be amazed at the fantastic values to be found there.

Thursday 7/1 - We are now featuring the Jacquelyn line of fine quality wigs at great sale prices. Check out the HUMAN HAIR, BLEND, and SYNTHETIC collections for the best prices on these beautiful wigs.

For the discriminating woman who desires the most luxurious wigs in the world, we are also featuring Jacquelyn's line of supreme quality 100% VIRGIN EUROPEAN HAIR WIGS at wonderful sale pricing.

We are pleased to continue to bring you the best value for your money on the most asked-for wigs in the world.

Look for more good things to come in the near future.

Wednesday 6/30 - In order to serve our customers more efficiently, we have made some changes to our company policies. Please be sure to read the policies before you place your order with us. Our policies can be seen here

Tuesday 6/29 - We have received a notification that we are being forced to raise our posted prices on all Rene of Paris products. This means that the prices on Noriko, Amore, and Rene of Paris wigs are all being hiked considerably. While there is nothing we can do about the mandated price increase, we can offer you the wigs professionally styled for the posted price. We are trying to give you the best value for your money and adding the styling will help to take the sting out of the higher prices. If you wish to order your wig unstyled, contact us and we can give you a better price on these wigs.

This seems to be a trend being implemented by certain wig companies, however, there are other manufacturers who do not have an outrageous pricing policy for Internet dealers. These companies still believe in fair market competition, and we are able to offer reasonable prices on their wigs. You'll find them in our new Featured Collections section on our main page.

Currently, we are out looking for wig companies who want to sell wigs and don't have ridiculous minimum pricing policies. We have found several of them who are anxious to be added to our website. We will be working hard to get these collections on our site just as soon as possible.

Keep checking back for lots of new choices soon.

Thursday 5/6 - Toni here. We have just received a new pricing policy from Louis Ferre for Internet dealers. Beginning on the 18th of this month, we are obliged to adhere to their new retail price "guidelines", and so there will be a substantial increase in the prices of all of their wigs. All Internet dealers have received this notice, and we will all have to honor it. This seems to be a new trend from some of the manufacturers, and so I think you'll be seeing increasing prices on many brands in the near future. The idea behind the higher pricing is to protect the local salons from annhilation by the fierce Internet price competition that they cannot possibly match and still stay in business. While an Internet dealer can't give you the personal, hands-on fitting and service of a physical consultation in a salon, we are still being forced to raise our prices to the levels being mandated by the powers-that-be.

But there is good news. Even though we have to raise our posted prices on these brands, in an effort to keep our prices as competitive as possible, we are offering the wigs in these brands with professional styling included in the posted price. The wig will be shipped on its own styrofoam wig form and packed to protect the style in shipping. This will add extra value to the higher-priced item and allow you to receive a wig that is ready to wear with no further work. This new policy will go into effect on Louis Ferre on the 18th.

We are working hard to bring you the best value for your money, and we hope the added-value of professional styling will help take the sting out of the mandatory higher prices on these brands.

3-11 - HELLOOOOOO EVERYBODY!! This is Skye, Toni's granddaughter. We are having a sale!! On Black is Beautiful add-ons red tag. So go check out my handy work. Remember this sale only applies to the red tag section, and is over July 1st.

2/10 - Toni here. I have added 15 new synthetic wigs and 5 new human hair wigs to the Beverly Johnson collection. There are trendy as well as classic styles. Beverly Johnson is a premier name in ethnic hair goods, and she works with the designers to bring you the latest styles in ethnic hairwear today. Her talent and sense of artistry make her wigs some of the most contemporary and up-to-date hair fashions in the world.

Watch for more new products coming soon.

Monday 1/12 2004 - Happy New Year to all! I would like to thank all of our loyal customers for making 2003 our best year ever! There are some positive changes in the works here, and we will be bringing you many new things in the year to come so keep checking back. Better still, subscribe to our updates to get the latest info about new products and sale info too.

Good news! We have received special pricing on selected Motown Tress and European Naturals wigs. These are brand new, factory fresh styles that have been discontinued and are priced at unheard of discounts. These are closeouts and although all sales are final on these items, there are great bargains here. Take a peek today.

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