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Thursday 10/27 - We are happy to introduce a brand new collection that has just become available! The ALAN EATON collection is an exciting group of wigs with special features not found in wigs until now. You'll love the Stretchfit™ and Circulite™ cap construction that stretches from front to back and side to side for the closest thing to a custom fit without the custom price.

As if that weren't enough, there are three styles that are created with OPTIONS™, a revolutionary new heat-resistant synthetic fiber blend that allows you to use conventional blow dryers, curling irons, and hot rollers to change the style as you change your mood...over and over again! This is an innovative new concept in wigs that we've all been waiting for!

Check out the Alan Eaton Collection today to see these remarkable wigs. You simply have to try one for yourself!

Thursday 10/5 - Toni here. We have been given permission by Georgie to offer a select group of their wigs at incredible pricing. These are brand new, factory-fresh Indian human hair wigs, being offered at prices likely never to be seen again on wigs of this quality. There are 20 styles and many colors to choose from, but some colors are in very limited supply.

If you've always wanted a really nice human hair wig, but this kind of quality was out of your budget, now is the time to check out this collection and see if there's a beautiful Georgie wig in your future!

Sunday 9/15 - Mike here. I have been working on some new features on the site. Some of the recent ones I haven't mentioned earlier are... Preferred Customer pricing is now available. If you would like to activate it, click the red Preferred Customer link on any page on the website and enter either your email address or a2k. a2k is used for those who call in or do not yet have an email address in our system.

Next feature is the grid/list function on the product results pages. Grid is a 3 by 15 "grid" of the results whereas "list" is a vertical list of items.

Then there is the tabbed product information area on the product pages. We can now set/predict the size of the panel with the information so the color lists are now fitting much better on the page. You may have also noticed that the width of the site has been locked so it no longer expands to fit the entire width of your browser window. The reason for the change is that having it expand was taking a great deal of time sorting out wordwrapping issues with some of the new features. The tabs were also wrapping, grid/list was wrapping and each was needing too much tweaking to look correct under all widths.

Tuesday 9/20 - Noriko has just introduced her new line of mono top wigs, and they're now available. There are four new styles available in the standard natural airbrush colors, and the same styles are also available Noriko's beautifully rooted gradient colors. If you like Megan, you'll love MADISON. If you like Sky, you'll love RYAN. If you like Lexy, try STACIE, and if you like Drew, the TIA is the wig for you.

If you love the gradient colors, check out MADISON GC, RYAN GC, STACIE GC, and TIA GC.

These are the first monofilament wigs available in the fabulous Noriko quality collection, but we're sure more will follow.

Friday 8/26 - Toni again. Rene of Paris has created several new styles for their growing collection of quality wigs, and we have proudly added these beautiful new designs to our site at the best prices you're likely to find anywhere.

Many of the more recent designs are created with their new AERO-LIGHT cap that offers the latest in featherweight, light density, open construction with ultra-thin wefts for extra comfort.

In addition, there are new color blends called ADVANCED SHADES that focus on bold streaks, subtle highlights, and tone-on-tone hues to enhance each style.

Check out these quality wigs now at Rene of Paris. We're sure you'll be pleased with the wide variety of styles and colors available.

Sunday 8/14 - Toni here. I've done some updating to the European Naturals collection. They have introduced 7 new styles, and these wigs are available in some of the new frost-streaked colors, and dark rooted colors that are similar to the gradient colors from Noriko. Check out GENA, JOY, KALI, MARCELLA, MILLIE, PEGGY, and VALERIE. There are some great new styles to look at, and the prices are great too! Take a peek!

Sunday 7/17 - We proudly introduce the NC Lifestyle Collection, one of the finest wig collections on the market today. This manufacturer combines beautiful 100% soft and silky-textured top-quality human hair with the convenience of a pre-styled high-fashion designer wig. Specially developed preservation techniques have enabled our skilled weavers and craftsmen to create amazingly lifelike wigs with the texture and luster of naturally growing, healthy hair.

These wigs are designed with cool capless construction, and a double monofilament mesh top section for the most natural appearance possible in a wig.

Even though this is a small collection, we think you'll find that the styles are flattering and the colors are vibrant, making them a must-have for any woman who wishes for a high-quality human hair wig at a reasonable price.

Wednesday 6/22 - Mike here. I put the replacement memory in the webserver this morning between 1am and 3am. I waited until the site traffic was at the lowest point of the day before taking the site down. I did a few other maintenance items while the server was down. The server is behaving differently today. Things look like they may need a little fine tuning.

Wednesday 6/8 - Mike here. I've been working on speed improvements to the server and the website itself for months. In spite of the fact that the webserver is much faster than the old one and the webpages are now being loaded mostly from the server's memory instead of the hard disk drive, some pages are loading slowly. When this happens it causes the entire site to stop loading until it is done. The problem is we are getting so much traffic the database is having a hard time dealing with some of the intense searches on the site. Everything has been optimized as far as it can go. So today we were installing some new memory chips that should releave some slowdowns at times. But, the best plans can go wrong at times. One of the new memory chips was defective. The chips were supposed to be tested by the supplier but one was obviously not upon close inspection. It took a while to isolate which chip was bad because the symptoms were very inconsistant. Unfortunately, the server was down the whole time (about 4.5 hours). Now I'll have to send the bad chip back and get a replacement. I hope it all goes well in the mean time.

Thursday 6/2 - Toni here. Can't believe how long its been since I posted here. It's been busy around here, and time just gets away from me. However, I want to let you know that I've been working on Wigs by Pierre, and I finally finished it and it's now on the site.

Wigs by Pierre offers a vibrant collection of better-quality fashion wigs that have been inspired by the latest hairstyle concepts from around the world. These natural designs and lightweight construction allow the wearer to achieve the union of comfort and realism that's most desirable in a wig.

The designers have created beautiful and lifelike color combinations. They blend up to seven shades with built-in highlights to give the illusion of soft, naturally-variegated hair colorations.

We're sure you'll find a style in this collection that's perfect for you. Take a look and see what beautiful and becoming wig styles are waiting for you.

Wednesday 3/31 - The Estetica Collection was taken down this week. Again, attempts are being made to bully Internet retailers into agreeing to unfair minimum pricing requirements. We have talked directly to the FTC and were told that the suppliers are very likely imposing illegal requirements on Internet retail businesses. The FTC would have already taken action against these suppliers but they are undermanned and unable to take action on any cases except the largest ones like ENRON and Microsoft. This is a shame and it is unfair to the consumer. We want to offer the widest selection we can, but we cannot operate a business with our hands tied behind our backs. Our only alternative is not to offer these collections on our website.
We are in the process of putting up new collections from suppliers that do not impose pricing restrictions. We will continue to add more as fast as we can. Unfortunately many suppliers are not computer savvy and are unable to provide their collection information in any computer format. We must resort to scanning pictures and entering in a great deal of data by hand in order to put up a collection. But we are working on it.

Friday 2/25 - We have decided to remove the Henry Margu line of wigs from our site as well as others we had removed earlier for the same reason. Although we are always looking to increase our offerings to you, their pricing policies were changed right after we put up the collection. It was a real waste of time entering all of their wigs into our system.

We do not agree with the assumptions some suppliers are making about Internet wig companies. They are trying to force Internet wig retailers to abide by unfairly high and very likely illegal (According to the FTC that is undermanned at the moment) pricing structure in order to ease salon complaints of slumping sales. We believe the salons' market slump is a trend away from the ways of the past and towards a more convenient way to buy wigs. What do you think will happen as customers expect salons to be online also?

Rest assured that ALL of these suppliers will reverse their policies within the next couple of years. The Internet is not going away just to keep wig salons open. WE WERE A WIG SALON! We didn't blame others for the shrinking wig salon market.

We talked to our customers about how they would like to purchase their wigs, they wanted the privacy and convenience of purchasing online from home 24hrs a day. Most people have busy schedules and it is a hassle to spend a couple of hours in a wig salon while a clerk tries to convince you that one of the few wigs they have in stock is the best for you.

Another example of just how out-of-touch some wig suppliers and salons are is the "free umbrella with every wig purchase promotion" that one of them is running at the moment. The idea of offering an umbrella to protect the wig being worn is a nice idea, except that the brand of the wig is printed across the unbrella in large contrasting letters. Who wants to advertise that they are wearing a wig? These wig suppliers have huge egos and no clue! They really don't understand the privacy issue at all!

The future will bring new ideas and technologies to make purchasing online even better. Our business has grown enormously since we listened to our customers and went online.

Wednesday 2/16 - Mike here, if you have been on the site in recent weeks you may have noticed some error messages or slow loading pages. The cause, the search engines are scouring our websites looking for updates at an astonishing rate! It's good because they want to make sure they have everything up-to-date but it does put quite a load on our webserver. So, to help things along we just doubled the speed of the webserver. We know it won't solve the problem completely but it is as fast as we can make it until I redesign the inner workings of the website. Until then, please be patient and be rest assured that a considerable effort is being made to make sure you have a pleasant experience browsing the website.

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