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12/23 - Many of you know Toni's computer is being upgraded at the moment so she can't get her email until it is finished. As things go sometimes, there was a problem during the upgrade that has caused an unexpected delay in getting it running again. She is requesting that you contact her by phone if you need help, have any questions or would like to place an order. I am her computer guy and I hope you will be patient during this process. I expect to have her PC running again shortly but as with anything there are no guarantees that things will continue to go as planned. Thank you for your patience.

11/11 - As you may have read in the article mentioned below, the price of human hair is going up. I am trying to keep my prices steady but soon I will be forced to raise them. This is happening all over the industry, and it will only get worse as time goes on. I have already received a price increase from Wig Pro, and other brands are sure to follow. If you're in the market for a human hair wig, now is the time to order. You can still get the current price until I receive the new price lists. This will happen soon and I will have no choice but to pass along the price increases. However, please know that I will always try to offer you the best value on any wig I handle.

11/4 - There is a crisis coming in the human hair wig industry. I have written an article on this, and you can read it HERE.

10/1 - From time to time, I am asked if we can have a wig made from someone's own hair. Up to now, we only knew of one on-line dealer who offered this service. I am happy to report that we now have this service available. If you would like to use your own hair to create a wig, please contact me for details. It would be best if you and I talked about this before you cut your hair. There are certain details that must be handled in order to make it work. I'll be happy to work with anyone who wishes to take advantage of this service.

3/26 - The Amore Supreme Series has added a new style to their line of fabulous Remy human hair wigs. It's called Savannah, and it's a beautiful feathered page with bangs. A stunning shoulder-length style that flatters most face shapes. Take a peek at Savannah and see if she has a place in your wig wardrobe.

1/12/07 - Well, I'm starting out the new year just fine. Not. My e-mail server dumped my e-mail address for no apparent reason this morning. With Mike's (my webmaster) help, I seem to have resolved the problem this evening, but if any of you have written to me today, please re-send your message as anything that was sent to me today did not reach me. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this situation has caused you.

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