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6/2 - I have just learned that Rene of Paris is discontinuing the Amore Supreme Human Hair line of wigs. My rep told me that the ongoing difficulty and increasing costs of obtaining the hair has caused them to reluctantly make this decision. I am particularly sad to see this happen, as I assisted in the research and development of this collection, and they were very nice wigs. I'm hoping this is not a trend, but it's possible that we will continue to see this happen throughout the wig industry as human hair becomes more scarce and expensive.

Today, one of my suppliers directed me to an article that emphasizes a few of the reasons the demand for human hair is growing. It's interesting, and if you want to read it, click here

3/18 - Oh, I'm so sorry, I forgot to update this section. My computer is all fixed now, thanks to Mike, and I'm up and running again. You should be able to contact me with no problems.

2/25 - Well I just went to save this section, and accidentally deleted the whole thing. So all entries up to now are gone. I'm using Charles' computer, and his keyboard is different from mine. I must have hit the wrong key. The reason I'm on a different computer is because mine has gremlins. Ever since I bought it in December, virtually every time it's rebooted, it bluescreens. Mike has spent hours and hours trying to find the problem, but to no avail. Yesterday, he took the whole box back to his office as he wanted to do some thorough diagnostics on it, and he says it appears to be a hardware problem. The solution may take some time, so until I get my machine back, I won't be able to access my e-mail. If you need to contact me, please give me a call at 530 755 4812. If I don't answer, just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I apologize for any inconvenience, and I hope to have my computer back soon.

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