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Regarding Catalogs & Selling Your Hair:

We do not send printed catalogs to retail customers. We also do not buy your hair or make wigs from your hair. Please refer to the All About Wigs area for more information on these and other topics.

Regarding Email Questions:

We receive a "large" amount of email everyday. Each day Toni professionally styles wigs, takes phone consultations and works to improve our websites. Toni has answered in great detail with her vast knowledge and 54 years of experience most questions in the All About Wigs website. You'll find it to be a tremendous resource. Please check there first to see if the answers to your questions may already be available for you. We apologize but there may not be an email response to questions that are already answered in the All About Wigs website. Any response you may receive, in this case, will simply be a copy of what is in the All About Wigs website or direct you there.

Website Technical Questions:

Website Technical Support is
only able to answer questions regarding the website itself. That is to say, questions about any errors encountered or unusual behavior observed on the site. If you happen to receive an error anywhere on the website at any time, please email an exact copy of the error message and I will resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Questions regarding products, ordering, etc will have to be forwarded to the proper address and will likely delay your response.

1 (530) 755-4812

Website Technical Support 

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